Music Service for Restaurants


The Right Music Mix for Your Restaurant

Signature entrees, locally sourced ingredients, knowledgeable servers, comfortable seating, menu appearance. You put a lot of time and thought into the many elements that make up your restaurant. Consider that music can make your restaurant different, memorable and enjoyable for both customers and employees.

The right music mix can tip the balance from forgettable to great atmosphere. If food is your passion, music is our passion!

Custom Music for Restaurants

You’re busy running your business – we can manage the music for you with Ethos, our premium music-for-business service. We’re trusted by many national and regional restaurant brands to curate their fully customized Ethos channel.

We craft a unique music mix you can’t find from other music services. We’re experts at creating a brand playlist without placing limits on size, style or eras. Ethos offers a virtually unlimited music library from all major and independent record labels.

A personal music director consults with you about the perfect music mix, and keeps your channel updated and fresh daily. Get a one-of-a-kind sound that no other business in the world will have – only yours.

Streaming Music for Restaurants, Bars, Taverns, Grilles, Diners, Fast Casual Food

ReMix is an ideal music solution for restaurants plagued by bad music mixes. With ReMix, you create your own custom channel easily in just minutes. Blend music styles, adjust the mix, add and remove songs, set up multiple playlists, change the mix by time and day and tailor your soundtrack. ReMix is interactive and can be used for single or multiple locations.

Pizza to Burgers, American to Italian, BBQ to Sushi, Counters or Tables

Restaurants are as much about “the experience” as they are about the food and drinks. The best restaurant music mix plays a tremendous part in creating “the experience”.

Whether go go traditional (such as the Blues at a BBQ joint) or avant-garde (maybe R&B Soul at a Taqueria), Custom Channels can create the perfect restaurant music playlist for you – or you can create your own with our music-for-business client platform.

You put a lot of time and thought into the many elements that make up your restaurant. What’s playing in your restaurant says a lot about your brand, your guests, your employees, and the kind of experience you want your customers to have.

A Small Restaurant Can Have Great Music, Too

If you have a single location and want to upgrade the daily soundtrack, we have two options that fit the budget of restaurant owners and managers:

All Access channels, with a variety of moods and tempos – music playlists curated fresh everyday by our music professionals. Read more about All Access.

ReMix – when you want control with blending music styles, adding/removing songs, and creating multiple playlists. Read more about ReMix.

Align All of Your Locations with a Single Branded Sound

Our music service is designed to bring a unified sound to multiple locations. Restaurant owners strive for brand consistency so music can be the same at each location. One channel streamed to multiple locations locally or nationally.

Of course, if you’re the person who likes each of your restaurants to sound different, we can furnish that, too. Our flexible system allows individual location differentiation by as much or as little as you allow.

We know that some restaurants have different zones within the restaurant at the same location. We’ve got that covered. Easily add a zone to play a different music mix.

If Your Restaurant or Bar Has Been Contacted by BMI or ASCAP…

…you may be in immediate need of a legal, licensed music source. Custom Channels is designed as a music-for-business service. Not only does it sound great, tailored to your brand, all the songs are licensed and legal so you’re compliant with the law.

Remember that Spotify and other made-for-consumer music services are not licensed to be played in restaurants or any business. When you try to do-it-yourself with music, you’re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees.

Both All Access and ReMix are the better alternative for restaurants than satellite radio, Pandora, iPods or CDs.

Is Custom Channels right for my business? To take the next step in getting the Custom Channels music service for your restaurant, call us at 303.444.7700 or use our contact form.