Music Service for Restaurants



How is your restaurant different?

Is it the signature entrees? The locally sourced ingredients? The servers and the ambiance? You put a lot of time and thought into the many elements that make up your restaurant. Consider that music can make your restaurant different, memorable and enjoyable. What’s playing in your restaurant says a lot about your brand, your guests, your employees, and the kind of experience you want your customers to have.

The fact is, no two restaurants are exactly alike, so why play the same ordinary corporate music or satellite radio that gets played at Olive Garden?

Custom Channels is different because we stream music directly into your restaurant without satellite dishes, downloads or discs. We have more fully licensed songs available than other streaming music for businesses services. And music is our passion!


Think you can do-it-yourself?

Some restaurant owners like to play their own music, which means they’re using an iPod, iTunes, iPad, CDs or Pandora. Not only is that a lot of work, with songs that often don’t fit your unique atmosphere, it’s not always legal. Plus, you’re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees. See our blog on DIY music.

That’s why we created ReMix. Many DIYers have switched to Custom Channels’ ReMix so they are hands-on creating and managing their playlist, yet be legal with licensed music with superior audio quality streamed to their restaurant. Read more about ReMix.


Switch off the TV and turn up the music

Some restaurants try to skip the music and just play the TV. Sports, news, and entertainment programs may seem like a good idea at first until reality sets in. What channel is on? Is that channel always appropriate? What type of mood is that program creating? Who can change the TV? Doesn’t TV just create a lot of loud talk? What about all the loud commercials, including commercials for competing restaurants? Unless it’s a sports bar, what’s special about hearing TV in a restaurant?

We think TV is fine for a visual attribute (sound turned off) and works best when combined with the appropriate, unique music soundtrack.


Custom Channels – from fast casual to fine dining

Our music services are individual and diverse so we can provide exactly the right kind of service for a variety of restaurant concepts. Seattle’s MOD Pizza, Pita Jungle throughout the Southwest, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese at Pike Place Market and Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches nationwide, the renown Frasca in Boulder, Mash’d in Texas, and Cava Mezze in the D.C. area are all examples using fully custom Ethos or our “ready to go” All Access music services.


A music service that’s right for your size

For restaurants with multiple locations or bigger budgets, we offer Ethos, our “built for you” premium service. Ethos has music and messaging designed specifically for your restaurant brand. Our music professionals work directly with you. It could be a custom channel for multiple locations, or exclusively for a single, higher end restaurant.

Your Ethos fully custom package includes your own custom Internet delivered playlist to be played on-premise, Internet receivers for all locations (no computers, satellite dishes or discs), a fully branded online player you can post on your web site, custom messaging if you like, and all music licensing. Read more about Ethos premium service.


Now a small restaurant can have great music, too

If you have a single location or aren’t ready to step up to the Ethos premium service, we have two options:

Our collection of “ready to go” All Access channels, with a variety of moods and tempos, uses music playlists curated by the same music professionals who create our fully custom Ethos channels. Read more about All Access.

If you like more control to choose your own music styles, add/delete songs, and create multiple playlists, then ReMix is right for you. Read more about ReMix.

Both All Access and ReMix are the better alternative for restaurants than satellite radio, Pandora, iPods or CDs.

Is Custom Channels right for my business? To take the next step in getting the Custom Channels music service for your restaurant, call us at 303.444.7700 or use our contact form.