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Music That Gets You In The Mood To Shop

Posted by John on June 17th, 2014

Have you ever danced with your grocery cart, or tried an electric slide while squeezing the produce? Then you know the effect supermarket music has on your shopping experience. Stores work hard to figure out what music is in tune with current and future shoppers, though some store are more focused on the role music plays than others.
John Bradley, Custom Channels co-founder and Chief Music Officer, was interviewed for the radio news feature “Music That Gets You In The Mood To Shop.”

“We have two types of customers and potential customers: those that are very music conscious and take music very seriously as part of their business. And those that don’t give it a second thought, just use music to fill the space,” said Bradley.

“Stores can struggle all they want with trying to find the right prices, the right merchandise, the right level of customer service. But they have to find the atmospherics (music) that align with that,” said Joe Dobrow, a former marketing executive for Whole Foods and Sprouts.
“We program music as much for the employees as for the shoppers, because it’s the employees who have to work there far longer than the shoppers will be shopping there. And they don’t want to be hearing the same songs in the same order day after day after day, so we mix it up a lot,” pointed out Bradley.

Hear the 5-minute radio piece here. It was produced by Steve Goldstein of public radio KJZZ in Phoenix.

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