The Alternative To Muzak

Now You Have a Choice for In-Store Music & Messaging

Have you experienced any of these problems with your current music service?

  • Repetitive playlist PROBLEM!
  • Limited song selection PROBLEM!
  • Conservative, mass appeal playlists PROBLEM!
  • No options to add/remove songs PROBLEM!
  • Lengthy, no-out, auto-renewing contracts PROBLEM!
  • Bad customer service & hard to contact PROBLEM!
  • No Internet streaming options PROBLEM!

Actual Inquiries We’ve Gotten from People Searching for an Alternative to Muzak/Mood Media

  • “Currently have Muzak and looking at other possibilities before signing another contract”.
  • “Currently use Muzak in 6 locations. Looking for cost effective way of getting music into all 11 stores.”
  • “Would this be able to replace an existing Muzak service, and is there an eclectic mix of music to choose from?
  • “I’m exploring alternatives to the MOOD/Muzak service being provided at the office building I manage.”
  • “Working with Trusonic / Mood Media now and need more control.”
  • “Currently using Mood Media at our corporate and franchised locations. Looking for alternative. Please contact me asap.”

Music Services Pricing

Let Custom Channels be your Alternative to Muzak/Mood Media

  • Massive amount of licensed song titles giving you a wide variety of music that’s not repetitive.
  • Options to create your own mixes and blends, even add and remove songs.
  • Custom “between the songs” branding and messaging.
  • No long term, no auto-renew contracts.
  • Friendly and fast customer service and support.
  • The latest streaming and audio technology — no discs, no downloading, no satellite dishes, no computers.

We Offer Three Options for In-Store Music:

ALL ACCESS — “Ready To Go” listening (30+ channels managed by our music curators)
REMIX — “Personalized” playlists (create your own mixes and blends)
ETHOS — “Built For You” fully custom channels (uniquely created for each client by our music curators)

We can solve your music problems!

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