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Streaming Radio for Web \ Social \ Mobile

Why pay other people to broadcast your message? Now you can speak directly to your customers with your own Internet radio channel – a powerful, immediate way to engage customers on computers, on social networks and on mobile phones. Plus, Internet radio connects your brand to the hard-to-reach workplace audience. Perfect for brands that are brick-and-mortar stores, web-only businesses, or a combination.

Broadcast your brand

Custom Channels helps you harness the power of webcasting to connect with, entertain and inform your customers – even when they are NOT in your store or restaurant. Having your own, branded Internet radio station is easier and less expensive than you might think. Even if you use another music service for your in-store music, your brand can use custom Internet radio to engage with customers on the web, through your social media and mobile platforms.

See And Hear Examples

Reach Your Customers Anywhere
  • Connect with your customers anywhere the internet reaches with high time-spent-listening audio and visual content.
  • Build web traffic; increase visits and time-spent on site with your brand.
  • Let your customers spread the word about your channel through social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Go mobile – reach listeners on iPhones, iPads, Droid phones and other mobile devices.
  • Drive sales with timely special “radio only” special offers.
  • Tap revenue generating advertising, vendor co-op and co-promotion opportunities.
  • Fully branded with your music, your messages, your images and style – never generic or syndicated.
AnywhereYourCustomersOnline Radio Features
  • Expert music selection and programming from experienced radio broadcasters
  • 100% turn-key operation. We manage all licensing, reporting, streaming, bandwidth, and analytics.
  • “Between-the-songs” content with creative talent. Using timely messaging about your products, sales, and brand image to motivate customers, this becomes more than just a bunch of songs – it’s brand enhancement.
  • Custom media player designed exclusively for your brand.
  • Unlimited audio and visual advertising inventory on the channel and player.
  • Revenue generating “buy now” links to Amazon and iTunes.
  • “There’s an app for that!” Upgrade options include apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Andriod smart phones and mobile devices.

Online pricing:

Online monthly Additional
starting at $500 monthly bandwidth usage, custom player design

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