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Music Mag – Another One Bites The Dust

Posted by John on September 1st, 2010

One of the best music magazines is no longer being printed.  Paste, the magazine, is no more.  Like so much old media, Paste moved to the web several years ago where it still lives and hopefully it will survive in the new media space.  But September 1 marked the end of the Paste we could hold in our hands and thumb through and pass along to friends.


A lot of people hadn’t heard of Paste.  It never rivaled Rolling Stone or Spin magazine in popularity and buzz.  Partly because Paste was never as trendy as those in content or hype. Paste was a source of discovery for great music for…how do we say it?  It was for adults.  Mature music consumers (not teens).  People past college age who were still into new releases.  You didn’t have to be an uber hipster to like the music Paste was turning you on to.  They didn’t bash the mainstream just because it was “mainstream.”  In each edition Paste would include a CD of a couple dozen great new songs so we could actually hear them rather just read about them.  A novel bonus before music became ubiquitous on the internet.

I’ll keep reading Paste online and I hope you will too to keep discovering music.

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