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Pearl Jam Has Their Own Radio Station…Online

Posted by John on May 10th, 2010

The rock band Pearl Jam has launched their own radio station on the internet. Pearl Jam Radio is a web-based radio station that will offer a constant stream of live, rare and studio songs.   If you like what you hear, hit the button to buy it.  It’s all P.J. all the time.  The band has been together for two decades now so they’re not short on material.  Don’t expect any advertising.  Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam have not been inclined to endorse products, but they WILL endorse causes.


Pearl Jam Radio is the kind of online branding using music that Custom Channels is doing for all types of brands like Chipotle, Pita Jungle, Houston Rodeo, and Life is Good clothing.  After all, Pearl Jam is a brand, like many other businesses, that wants to stay connected to its followers and fans wherever they are (smart phones, ipad, Facebook, computers at home and work, etc.).

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