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Pita Jungle Adds Online Radio

Posted by John on April 7th, 2010

Pita Jungle, a Custom Channel client for in-store music, has launched an online radio player offering customers the same great mix of music that can be heard in their restaurants.  Available on their website, Pita Jungle Radio now offers customers the chance to connect to Pita Jungle outside of the restaurant.  Customers can enjoy the music they hear at Pita Jungle restaurants at home, at work or anywhere they have the internet.

Located throughout Arizona, Pita Jungle has been using Custom Channels to create a unique, one-of-a-kind sound in their stores to match the style and flavor of their food.  Built around a mix of Jazz, Rock, and World Music, Pita Jungle Radio plays a variety of music from Dizzy Gillespie and Zero 7 to the Beastie Boys, Phoenix and the Talking Heads.

In addition to helping listeners find the closest Pita Jungle restaurant or check out the menu, the Pita Jungle Radio player features social media sharing to such sites as Facebook and Twitter as well as buy now iTunes and Amazon links for the last 20 songs played.

Check out Pita Jungle Radio, powered by Custom Channels here.

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