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Is your Internet working?

Custom Channels music is delivered over the Internet. No internet, or a slow/bad Internet connection, is the most common issue effecting the music. If your Internet connection isn’t working properly, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) or your company’s IT support.

You can check on a computer in your business to see if the Internet is working. If you are reading this from a computer that’s on the same Internet connection as your Custom Channels music player, that might mean the Internet is working.

Make sure the network your player is on has an Internet connection that’s working properly. And if you’re using multiple routers and splitters, make sure you’re on the correct network.

Do you have any loose audio or ethernet connections?

It’s sounds basic, we know, but sometimes wires come loose. Check to see if the power plug, Ethernet cable or audio cables have become loosened or disconnected. A simple thing to check.

Has the stereo input changed?

Check your sound system/amplifier/stereo. The inputs may have been changed to have another device on. A button may have been bumped accidentally. Additionally, some stereos have a button that turns the speakers off.

Has the volume on your sound system or player changed?

Check that the master volume on your sound system has not been turned down or off. Also, some sound systems have buttons to select the speakers – check to see if the correct speakers are selected and the correct speaker button is pushed.

Check the volume level on the Custom Channels music player. Using left/right arrows, set the volume to 31.

Have you powered the player off and on?

If the Custom Channels music player is turned on and it’s still not working, unplug the player from power, then plug it back in. This will force the player to reconnect and reset.

Music cutting in & out? Check your Internet speed.

Your Internet connection can get busy with lots of devices trying to get online. Custom Channels music service works best on a wired broadband connection using T1, DSL or Cable Internet. Sometimes, activities on your network or with your Internet service provider (ISP) cause the Internet to run very slow resulting in the music cutting in & out. You can check the speed of your Internet connection on this web site:

If the results of your speed test are below .75mbps, your network might be experiencing poor Internet service or heavy usage. Heavy usage can occur from local activities such as video surveillance and public wi-fi.  Turning off or limiting these bandwidth hogs with Quality of Service (QOS) on your network may be an option.  If your network is still running slow, we recommend you contact your Internet service provider (ISP) or your company’s IT support.

Read more about bandwidth hogs and music cutting in & out.

Player screen reads “unavailable” or “try another preset”.

If the music player screen reads “unavailable” or “try another preset”, it could be a blocked port or firewall issue, sometimes caused by a firewall software update from your POS/firewall provider. You can have Internet service but our music player can be blocked from connecting.

Contact your POS/firewall management company. Tell them traffic on port 80 and port 9999 appears to be blocked. If they can check the firewall rules and then reboot the firewall, that should solve the problem and start music playing.

Need help setting up your player for the first time?

Click here and follow some simple steps to set up your pre-tuned music player with your existing audio system and network.


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