Player Options

Which Player is Right for your business?

Save $75 on your player when you purchase an annual package.

Custom Channels offers two low-cost and reliable player options – the LCD and the Compact.   And, if your businesses uses a Sonos® Wireless Hi Fi system, your Custom Channels account can be played on your system with no additional equipment to buy!  

Custom Channels Compact Player


Our Compact player is recommended for ReMix customer or All Access customers who don’t need or want to change channels using front panel buttons.  All configuration and control of the Compact player is done on the web via your Custom Channels dashboard. It’s our low cost, “set it and forget it” solution! Compact Player Features:

  • No buttons or controls for employees to change – complete remote configuration
  • All player control and channel lineup programmable via your Custom Channels web dashboard
  • Can be programmed for one or multiple channels
  • Dimensions (W x D x H inches): 4 x 3.75 x 1.2

Custom Channels LCD Player


Our larger LCD player is perfect for All Access subscribers who want to be able to change channels using buttons on the player front or clients who need a rack mounted player.
LCD Player Features:

  • Front panel buttons to change channels
  • 5 channel presets or scroll through up to 32 programmable channels
  • Channel lineup programmable via your Custom Channels web dashboard
  • LCD displays channel name and (All Access only) song title and artist
  • Optional rack mount kit available
  • Dimensions (W x D x H inches): 8.5 x 4.25 x 1.75

Bring Your Own Player


All Custom Channels services including All Access, ReMix and Ethos are now available for the Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi system.  If you already have a Sonos System, you can enjoy your Custom Channels music for business services without having to buy any other equipment!  Read more about Sonos for Custom Channels here.


Both our LCD and Compact players feature:

Simple, plug-and-play installation.  See How It Works here.

High quality audio playback using less than 100k of bandwidth

Advanced buffer to compensate for brief network interruptions

No moving parts or hard drive to fail

Secure – all stream requests are initiated by player

Audio connection via standard RCA stereo cables (provided)

Network connection via standard Ethernet cable (provided)

Ability to program and play one or multiple channels

Low power consumption

Automatic updates and monitoring by Custom Channels