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Pure Play Online Radio Listening Strong

Posted by John on September 22nd, 2010

More people are listening to online radio.  And we don’t mean just the local FM station signal online. “Pure play” online-only stations, those internet only channels that aren’t simulcast on AM or FM, account for over 50% of the top 20 weekday Average Active Streams (AAS) in Ando Media’s monthly Internet Radio rankings for July 2010.

Bridge Ratings has found that growth of pure play online-only stations are outpacing the simulcast streams of terrestrial stations (FM and AM). The Bridge study has terrestrial radio streams at 51% of the online radio pie, while pure play channels are at 49%.  In the nine months up to July, pure play stations saw 92% growth while terrestrial channels are down by 10%.

All this is significant because whatever your business is, online radio should be given strong consideration as a way to connect with consumers.  If your business is a restaurant, a concert venue, an outdoor retailer, a web retailer, clothing brand, winery, recreational resort or virtually any brand that has a passionate customer base, you can have an online radio station to superserve core customers and to connect more deeply with fringe customers and potential customers.

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