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Radio Margaritaville Prime Example In Branding

Posted by John on June 15th, 2010


One of the best examples of a branded audio entertainment channel is Radio Margaritaville. It all revolves the warm weather, sunny beach mood evoked by Jimmy Buffett’s music and image. When you think of Buffett and the classic 70’s song “Margaritaville”, you get a mental picture in your mind. (pause, imagine, ahhh) You hear that when listening to Radio Margaritaville. People get more than just a bunch of Jimmy Buffet songs. They hear a large library of songs that match the mood – free, fresh, fun, cool, adult and off-the-beaten-path. And that mood reinforces the Buffet brand that extends to many products and services.

The Radio Margaritaville web site promotes connected products like Buffet’s hotel, the restaurants, foods, tequila, apparel, his new CDs and library of music, and CDs by other artists you’ll like if you’re liking this channel.  Many people want to imagine they’re at the beach partying like Parrotheads when they’re really working at their desk. Radio Margaritaville allows them to mentally get away and escape to Buffet’s paradise. That’s powerful brand marketing.

Radio Margaritaville is an excellent example of how to take a brand, expand it, amplify it, and connect it with listeners in an online entertainment experience that builds loyalty. Custom Channels does that for brands.

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