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Recent Tweets On Music & Internet Radio Recaptured For The Blog

Posted by John on January 20th, 2012

At Custom Channels, we’re always tweeting about interesting articles and provocative ideas. If you missed any, here is a collection of nine tweets/Facebook posts from the past two months about the music business, FM radio, and Internet radio that we thought were especially good to highlight again.

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Wired compares Spotify vs. Rdio. Which has most Billboard chart hits:   Which has most top albums:

Watch Tim Westergren talk about Pandora.  Pandora sees huge jump in audience, 125 million registered users.

The State of Online Music. See the numbers:    Next Big Sound measures daily music consumption and purchases.

Sean Ross lists most intriguing stations. Does “radio” include pureplays and custom streams or is “radio” only AM/FM?

The label SubPop is a bright spot in struggling music industry. LA Times profiles indie rock label in its 3rd decade.

Inside look at Daniel Ek (“The Most Important Man In Music”), a history of Spotify and look ahead to music biz future.

NASA launched a new Internet radio station called Third Rock.

Why Spotify can never be profitable: The secret demands of record labels.

What Happens When the Commercials Come On? New study says radio audience size at end of commercial break is 93% as at start.

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