ReMix Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the difference between Style Select and Song Select?

With both you customize your own playlist. Using Style Select you blend our curated styles together automatically adding hundreds or thousands of songs. Using Song Select, you handpick each song.

How many music styles can I add to my Style Select playlist?

After a lot of trial and error, we found that a limit of three styles offers the best blend and flexibility. You can also make a playlist with only one or two styles.

Where do your music styles come from?

From our All Access family of music channels. All Access is a collection of ready-to-go channels available for your business right now. It’s hands-off listening. ReMix is hands-on allowing you to customize the All Access styles.

How do I REMOVE a song from my playlist?

You can remove a song from either the “Recently Played” list, or from the “Search+Discover” list. Simply check the box of the playlist you want the song removed from. In addition, you can remove songs directly from a Song Select playlist page. Songs can be removed from one playlist and not affect another playlist.

VIDEO: How to Remove Songs from your ReMix Playlists

How do I ADD a song to my playlist?

Use “Search+Discover” in the upper left to find songs or artists. Then simply check the box of the playlist you want the song added to.  
Songs can be added to one playlist and not affect another playlist.

VIDEO: How to Add Songs from your ReMix Playlists

If I add or remove a song, is that for all playlists?

Anytime you add or remove a song you are doing it for one playlist at a time. You can see the list of songs added and songs removed on each individual playlist page.

How can I adjust the mix of styles in a playlist that’s already created?

Yes. From the left side menu, click on your Playlist. Use the sliders to play more or less of any music style. You can also remove and add different music styles. Three is the maximum number of styles at one time. Your changes will take effect after the song that’s currently playing.

Can I rename ReMix playlists?

Yes. From the left side menu,  click on your Playlist. Below your Playlist’s name click “Rename Playlist”.

What is a Primary Playlist?

The Primary Playlist is your go-to playlist. It will always play unless you create and schedule other playlists for specific days and times. Primary Playlist is by default the first playlist that you create. It can be changed on the Schedule page. The Primary Playlist must be Style Select, not Song Select.  

Can I create multiple playlists?

Yes. You can create up to seven playlists that can play at different times on different days. Look for the green “Create Playlist” button. Remember to schedule your multiple playlists so they’ll play when you want them to. ReMix will always play your Primary Playlist if no other playlist is scheduled.

How do I schedule more than one playlist?

Before another Playlist you create can actually play, it needs to be scheduled. You’ll see “Schedule Playlists” at the top right that takes you to a 7-day calendar. Simply click and drag on the calendar for the day you which to schedule the playlist. This will reveal a scheduling window for you to pick the time and days for this playlist. 

ReMix will always play your Primary Playlist if no other playlist is scheduled. Playlist schedules are created for one day at a time. You’ll need to schedule your playlist separately for each day. To remove an existing playlist from the schedule, click on it and delete. 

If you want a playlist to go past midnight, schedule the playlist to 11:55pm, then create another schedule for the same playlist the next day starting at 12:00AM. Don’t worry, music will play continuously without stopping. Don’t see the schedule calendar? You need to create a second playlist first.

In what order do the songs play?

With Style Select, we’ve created a formula to give you the best mix based on the percentages you selected. To lower repetition, once a song is played it rests for hours before it can play again. We also keep songs by the same artist from playing close to each other.

With Song Select, all the songs you’ve handpicked are shuffled into a random order and played. When every song is played once, the list is again shuffled randomly and all songs play so it’s never in the same order.

Why do I need more than 40 songs for a Song Select playlist?

We believe in not repeating the same songs and artists too often. So after researching, we landed on 40 as a minimum number of songs needed to make a playlist sound good. We’d recommend you try for more, at least a hundred, and there’s no limit to the number of songs you can add.

Why is there a limit on the number of songs I can pick from the same artist?

Due to music licensing rules, we are unable to add an unlimited number of songs by the same artist to one playlist.