ReMix features and tips

Mixing styles is a core function of ReMix. With each playlist you can use one, two, or three curated music styles. Each style you select add hundreds or thousands of songs automatically to your playlist. Sometimes you’ll want to select only one style for a focused mix. Other times two or three styles blend well together.

The Recently Played list is a good place to go to remove a song you no longer want to hear. We list all songs played on your channel in chronological order. So if you hear a song that you don’t like, at any time later, go to Recently Played, find the song, and select remove. That song won’t play again on that playlist!

The ADD button lets you add individual songs to your playlist. For example, if you want a few Frank Sinatra songs added to your 80s New Wave style playlist, search Frank Sinatra and add!

The REMOVE button lets you remove individual songs from your playlist. For example, if you like the Classic Rock That Rocks style playlist, but don’t want to hear “Stairway To Heaven”, search for that song and remove it!

ReMix at multiple locations. Each store or restaurant on your account can share one ReMix channel/playlists or create individual channels for each location so each location can adjust their own ReMix playlists.

Create multiple playlists for different times, different days, different moods. Once you’ve created another playlist, you can schedule it to play during selected hours and on selected days, one or more times every week.

One playlist or many – it’s personal preference. Some users like to have one playlist that plays all the time. Then they make tweaks and adjustments to that one playlist – such as more or less of a style or a style switch. Other users prefer to create multiple, distinct playlists and switch to a different playlist rather than change the single playlist.

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We are continually adding songs to the ReMix library. All songs are curated and suitable for play in businesses. To see the newest song additions, in your ReMix dashboard go to Search+Discover then New.