Set Up Your Music Player

Custom Channels Music Player – LCD


Dimensions: 8.5″ wide x 1.75″ tall x 4.25″ deep




Plug + Play



Follow these simple steps to set up your pre-tuned music player with your existing audio system and network.

Place your Custom Channels music player close to your Internet connection, your stereo system and power. We’ve shipped everything you need to get going:

  • Music player
  • 5V power supply
  • Ethernet (Internet) cable
  • RCA stereo audio cables



Connect to the Internet

  • Use Ethernet cable to connect music player to Internet connection/router



Connect to the Amplifier

  • One end of the audio cable to the music player
  • Other end of audio cable to AUX or CD input on amplifier



Connect to Power

    • Using supplied 5V adapter, connect music player to power
    • Press power button on the front, lower right corner of the player
    • Player may take up to 30 seconds to play music


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Your business is unique, and sometimes setups can be unique, too.

If your audio system only has a single audio cable or input, not two left/right inputs, you will need a stereo-to-mono Y adapter to combine your left and right music player outputs into a single mono output which can then be connected to your amplifier’s mono input.

If a stereo-to-mono Y adapter was not included in your packaging, you can purchase one at local electronics supply stores (like Radio Shack) or email

Y connection


If you’re not hearing any music determine if this is a problem with the Internet connection or a problem with your amplifier/audio system.

To test if the player is getting an Internet connection, press the power button on the lower right and watch the LCD screen. The following screens should be displayed within the first 30 seconds:
LCD screen steps

If the player is displaying all four screens but no music is playing, you DO have an Internet connection:
go to Audio System Troubleshooting
If the player does not display all four screens, skips steps or stops on a step, and still no music is playing, there is NO Internet connection: go to Network Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting

Try the following troubleshooting tips if your music player is unable to connect to the Internet. This section assumes some familiarity with your business’s network, router/firewall, modem and Internet Service Provider. We recommend a qualified IT or computer network consultant assist for advanced network troubleshooting.

  • Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router or modem. Unless otherwise arranged, all Custom Channels music players are shipped to receive their IP address via DHCP. If your network requires a static IP, see setting a static IP instructions below.
  • Ensure all Ethernet cables are firmly connected to both the player and the switch/router. If any cable looks crimped or damaged, replace the cable.
  • With the player connected to the network, try rebooting the player by unplugging the power for 30-60 seconds and then plugging it back in.
  • With the power to the player unplugged, reboot your network router or firewall. Once the router has completely come back on and stabilized, plug the player’s power cord back in.
  • Try connecting the player to a different port on your router/firewall.
  • Connect a laptop computer into the same Ethernet port/cable as the player to see if the computer can connect to the Internet through that same port (be sure to turn off WiFi to ensure the computer is using the wired Ethernet connection and not WiFi). If the computer is unable to connect to the Internet, consult with your IT personnel or ISP for further troubleshooting.
  • Check your firewall settings. Standard HTTP Protocol / Port 80 is used for all streaming, configuration and monitoring.
  • Check for web or domain filtering: The Custom Channels music player will connect to the following domains for streaming and monitoring:
    Please contact us if you need more detailed domain or server IP information.
  • Try setting a static IP on your player.

Setting a Static IP

This model of the Custom Channels music player (known as the “LCD”) can be configured with a static IP address through the front panel menu buttons. Before you start you will need to know the IP configuration info:

  • Desired static IP of the player
  • Network’s subnet mask
  • Network’s gateway IP address
  • DNS address. We recommend using public DNS and

Next, follow these steps to enter the information into the Custom Channels LCD music player:

  1. With the box powered off enter the setup menu by pressing the “Esc” and “OK” buttons at the same time.
  2. Display should read “Setup”. Press OK.
  3. Press the down arrow to display “Network Setup” then press “OK”. The display should read “DHCP”.
  4. Press the down arrow once until the display shows “Static IP”, the press “OK”.
  5. At the display “IP-Address: [OK] to edit” press “OK”.
  6. Enter the desired IP address of the player. Use the up/down arrows to select the correct number; use the right/left arrows to advance to the next or previous number. NOTE: IP addresses must be entered with leading zeros if necessary. should be entered as
  7. After you have entered the IP address, press “OK” to go to the Network Mask menu.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each of Network Mask, Default Gateway, DNS 1 and DNS 2.
  9. After entering DNS 2, the display will read “Ready”, then press [OK] ([ESC] = again). Press “OK” to finish.
  10. The display should read: “Network Setup”. Press the [Esc] button twice and the player will turn itself off.
  11. Press the power button to turn on and connect to the network.

Audio System Troubleshooting

If your music player is connecting to the Internet and indicates it is playing music (song title and artist is displaying on the LCD player) and you are still not hearing music, try these audio troubleshooting tips.

Note: audio stereo systems can be fairly complex. This section assumes you have some familiarity with how your system works. If not, you may need to review the operating manual for your audio equipment or consult a qualified audio systems technician.

  • Check all audio cable connections. Make sure the “L” and “R” RCA cable connections are attached firmly to both the  stereo system/amplifier and the Custom Channels music player.
  • Double check the input on the amplifier the Custom Channels player is plugged into (AUX, CD) and make sure the amplifier source is set to that same input.
  • Try another input. If your amplifier does not have an available AUX or CD input, try another input like VIDEO or DVD.  DO NOT use the PHONO input.
  • Make sure speaker wires are plugged in and the speakers are selected on the amplifier. Many sound systems have A/B speaker selection buttons so make sure the correct button is selected.
  • Try turning off and turning on the stereo system/amplifier.
  • Test another audio source. If you have a receiver with an FM tuner, select FM to hear if sound is coming out of the speakers. If not, this may indicate a problem with your speaker wiring or speaker selection button(s).
  • If there is a remote volume control (such as in the dining room), make sure that volume control is turned up.
  • Press the right arrow > button on the Custom Channels LCD player. The display should read “Volume: 31”.  If not, press the right > arrow until it reaches 31. This is maximum volume.


Need more help? See our Help/FAQ page or email