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Sound Business : Music In The Workplace

Posted by John on March 17th, 2010

We came across a book that we’re putting on our “to read” list.  It investigates the use, and abuse, of sound in business.  And not just music, but all sounds that can relax or energize, deter or entice. It’s called Sound Business.

We like the theories outlined in the book’s synopsis:  Most organizations are blissfully unaware of their sound, and yet sound affects people deeply. Sound can change people’s behavior in almost any commercial environment – including offices, shops, showrooms, advertising, the internet, hotels, bars and restaurants (and dentist offices).

Research shows that appropriate sound can increase retail sales by over 30% and triple productivity for some workers. In Sound Business, leading strategic sound expert Julian Treasure explains exactly how to predict these effects and take control of sound to improve almost every aspect of business.

Combining the latest psychoacoustic theory, original thinking and practical tips for every application of sound, this is the first book to map this unexplored land of sound in business. The accompanying CD includes examples of applied sound as well as field recordings that show how not to sound.

Unfortunately it looks like Sound Business is a hard-to-find book.  Good luck.

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