ReMix – an Alternative to Spotify and Pandora

A cut above the consumer music streaming services

Love Spotify or Pandora at home and want to use it in your business? We’ve got a better solution. ReMix! A legal licensed alternative to Spotify and Pandora that’s designed exclusively for business use.

ReMix – a Licensed Music Solution Where You’re in Control

ReMix is the music service where you get to create and manage your own customized channel. You choose the music styles you want, adjust how your styles are mixed, and even add and remove songs from our huge online music library. Plus you can create multiple playlists for different days and times.

Express Your Own Music Creativity!

Each store or restaurant can share one ReMix playlist or create individual mixes for each location. ReMix for business is even better, even more effective as a marketing voice, even more fun when you upgrade to ReMix Plus with messaging.

VIDEO: Watch How ReMix Works
Monthly Package
+$150 Player Purchase
Pay-as-you-go, No Contract
Annual Package
+Save $75 on Player Purchase
Single Annual Invoicing

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Features & Benefits
  • You choose the mix by combining music styles.preview-remix-styles
  • Music screened for content. No F-bombs and such allowed.
  • Online ReMix dashboard lets you see your playlist, and add or remove songs anytime.
  • Create multiple playlists for different times, different days, different moods.
  • No interruptions – no commercials, ads for other products, or DJ talk.
  • Playback on a dedicated Internet Music Player not on a shared computer or POS screen.
  • Add your own messaging to highlight your brand name, sales or promotions. See more
  • Fully licensed – All ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange licensing and reporting is included.
  • Highest quality digital sound with no variations in volume from song to song.
  • Works on Sonos with no additional equipment to buy
  • No long term contract to sign, and a full 45-day money back guarantee. There’s no risk to give Custom Channels a try. Start your free trial today!

ReMix is an economical and legal way to get personalized music for your business – the alternative to Spotify or Pandora. Great for stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pubs, local retailers, and any location where you want to upgrade from consumer streaming services and stay legal.

How It Works

While ReMix is geared towards Spotify and Pandora users, you don’t need to be a music expert to get a great sounding custom channel with ReMix. You can set up your own ReMix channel in about five minutes in a few simple steps:

  • Choose your mix. Select up to three styles of music from our professionally curated options. Each style you select will add hundreds of songs, screened for the business environment, to start your unique playlist.
  • Adjust your mix. Change the percentage of each music style to get a balance that’s right for you.
  • Hit play and enjoy the music. Listen to ReMix streamed to your business on a Custom Channels music player.
  • Adjust anytime. Check your online dashboard to see recently played songs, add songs or artists from our huge music library, remove any songs you don’t want to hear, adjust your mix percentage, and create multiple playlists for different days and times. There’ also the option to add your own messaging with ReMix Plus.