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Think Outside the Business Walls – Launch an Online Music Channel for Your Brand

Posted by John on March 11th, 2016

How are you reaching both your existing customers and potential customers? You go where they are. And they’ve gone online to listen to music and audio.

Online radio/music listening continues to increase. In the last two years more than half of Americans over 12 years old have listened in a month to online radio. This year, for the first time, weekly online radio listening hit 50% of all Americans. Online listening jumps even higher for people 18-24 years old and 25-54 years old.



The majority of people 12 to 54 years old are regular online radio listeners – and that listening is becoming more and more habitual. Edison Media study



So What Does That Have to do With My Business? Should I Just Buy Commercials?

Don’t use someone else’s online radio, create your own. Once your only media option was to buy commercials on FM radio stations or TV. Now, any business, whether local, regional, national or global, has the option to start their own channel instead of buying ads on someone else’s channel that’s cluttered with a bunch of other ads. See our examples.

You really can start your own branded, targeted music channel that reflects your brand, your vibe, your attitude and integrates your products and services.
Who will listen? Your existing customers and potential customers. People who are already listening to other online channels as the charts above show.
How will they find it? You first promote it inside your store/restaurant to your daily customers. Then, promote it on all of your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+). Businesses need content for social media posts. Your own branded online music channel gives you more social content such as songs you’ve played, links to your player, music trivia and more.
How do people listen? On smart phones, on tablets, on their desktop or laptap computer at home or at work. Our online channels are even streamed into automobiles.
What will my channel play? Music that connects your brand with your customers. Likely it’s the same great music mix you play in your store/restaurant. You can also add short, customized messages to remind people listening of great reasons to shop/eat with your brand. Be creative! There are many possibilities for online programming that we can recommend.

Look what MOD Pizza shared on Facebook…


To find out how easy it is to start an online radio channel, read more or contact us. We’ll start it and manage it for you so that you can concentrate on running your business and servicing all of your great customers.

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