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Tivoli Radio + Speaker Gets Recommendation

Posted by John on November 15th, 2010


Looking for a really great sounding radio/speaker combination that’s small? This is not an advertisement but an endorsement from Custom Channels, veterans in the radio/music/audio business, for a device that’s simple and sounds excellent.

The Tivoli Model One and Tivoli PAL both have a state-of-the-art AM/FM tuner that brings in the weakest signals clearly. Many manufacturers have reduced the quality of radio components making reception worse.  Not with these.

But even with one of the best receivers around there’s not a high need today for a radio-only device.  That’s why the auxiliary input jack lets you connect any additional audio source like an computer, iPod or iPhone and get excellent sound out of the single high quality speaker.


Another great thing is the simple controls.  It does just a few tings very well without trying to amaze with an overkill of features.   Aahh, simplicity in the complicated digital age.

The portable model called PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) runs on battery or AC so it can go anywhere with equally great sound and reception as Model One.  Model One list price is $180, PAL list price is $220.

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