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“We LOVE LOVE LOVE When We Hear Our Customers Sing Along With the Music”

Posted by John on September 22nd, 2015

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From time to time on our blog we profile retail stores, restaurants and businesses that use Custom Channels for music. We think it’s helpful for people considering our music service to read real-life examples of how music is used in public business environments.

“Carefully selected music is critical to creating a mood and contributing to a positive customer and staff experience.”

One place you may not think about first that loves music is an auto repair business. Not only do they get customers dropping off cars and waiting for service, but the employees are listening to music from open to close.

Vistoso Automotive in Oro Valley, Arizona, a suburb of Tucson, uses the tagline “auto care, evolved.” Their music tastes are evolved, too, so they turned to Custom Channels and our ReMix service. ReMix allows business owners to customize the music mix themselves.

Q&A with Vistoso Automotive founder Jeff Artzi

CC: Tell us about Vistoso Automotive.

JA: The quick answer is that we’re in the automotive services business, repairing and maintaining vehicles. But the truth is that we view ourselves as being in the hospitality business – we just happen to be repairing cars. We take our cues from the top hotels and restaurants that excel at the customer experience.

Jeff Artzi - VistosoCC: Why is music important to an auto repair business?

JA: I’ve never been to a top notch restaurant or hotel that hasn’t used music to create their unique atmosphere. Carefully selected music is critical to creating a mood and contributing to a positive customer and staff experience.

CC: Why is music important to your environment at Vistoso Automotive?

JA: First, music fills airspace. Dead air is never good for a retail experience. I recently shopped at a major retail chain where their music service was not working properly and it was a downer…not very conducive to shopping.

Second, we want customers to feel upbeat about spending time with us. Our customized ReMix music channel (which we named “HAPPY MUSIC”) is a great mix of standards, jazz, rock and pop. Every week we get positive comments about our music we’re playing.

CC: How can music make a customer’s visit to Vistoso Automotive better/more memorable?

JA: We LOVE LOVE LOVE when we hear our customers sing along with “I Feel Good” by James Brown or “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles or so many other songs. Our staff members have been known to belt out a few, too! That all lends itself to a more memorable, positive stay with us.

CC: This sounds fun. Tell us more about the the sound, the vibe, and name more artists you play.

JA: Our HAPPY MUSIC is very eclectic. For example, just today we heard Pink, Michael Buble, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Billie Holiday, James Taylor, Mapumba, Bee Gees, Amos Lee, Adele, Colbie Caillat, Pretenders, Los Lobos, Bruce Springsteen, Beck, and Diana Krall. Our music is too eclectic to narrow down. The more eclectic, the better, as long as the songs fit into the vibe we’re going after. We love having a mix of standards and rock/pop that we all sing and dance along with, mixed in with jazz and cool instrumentals.

CC: Do you play your music mostly for your customers, your employees, or both?

JA: Our music is played for both team members and customers. It’s all about creating a positive atmosphere since team members and customers are living in that environment from 7:30am to 5:30pm every day. We very much think about everyone who would be exposed to the music when we select the styles and add and ban tracks. And by the way, we are constantly curating our ReMix playlist, adding and banning tracks that fit the atmosphere. We’re always working to improve our mix.

CC: How is it working with Custom Channels?

JA: Jana (Client Services Director) has been outstanding! Very responsive and easy to work with. When we had some technical issues at first, tech support worked to resolve things very quickly. It’s also been cool to experience the service enhancements over the past year.

CC: We hear the sunsets are outrageous in Tucson…

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