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We Support Music and the Music Makers. Do You?

Posted by John on March 6th, 2015

We think every business that uses Custom Channels music service should show their customers that they love music. That’s why we have red stickers and window decals proudly stating “We Support Music.”

The stickers and decals, given free to every subscriber when they start service with Custom Channels, are designed to be displayed on windows and doors at the business entrance or at point-of-purchase. The message “We Support Music” accomplishes four things:

  • Shows that this business loves and values music.
  • Shows that this business believes in fairly paying the music makers: songwriters, performers and music labels.
  • Publicly displays that this business is legally playing music and has paid royalty/copyright fees to the licensing agencies ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. These agencies have patrols out looking for businesses that don’t pay music licensing fees. See this Huffington Post article.
  • This business uses Custom Channels and not a mass market, corporate music factory like Muzak, Pandora, or SiriusXM.

Here’s what the National Restaurant Association says about music licensing:
If you’re playing licensable music, it’s a better business decision to license than not to. While some business owners may avoid paying licensing fees for a while, it can be much more expensive than the cost of a music license in the long run. Federal penalties for using music without permission…can be high, with each musical composition used without authorization entitling copyright owners to damages between $750 to $30,000, or more if the infringement is found to be willful.

We believe it’s important that songwriters and music makers get fairly paid for their work. It’s part of the public performance code. That’s why Custom Channels includes all the music licensing fees in our low monthly fee to our clients. We do the tracking, reporting and payment for you.

“We Support Music”! Do you?

Custom Channels-We Support Music

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