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What’s Brewing? Custom Channels Music is Being Served at Craft Breweries

Posted by John on November 10th, 2016

  • music-for-bars-brewery-restaurantBald Man Brewing Company
  • Bellevue Brewing Company
  • Boulder Beer Brewery & Pub
  • Hood Canal Brewery
  • Lone Girl Brewing Company
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing Company
  • Osgood Brewing
  • Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Company
  • State 48 Brewery

These are some of the establishments that brew their own beer and also enjoy music by Custom Channels. We love beer and music, too! We’re based near Boulder, Colorado. It’s one of the hot beds for craft beer with a high per capita ratio of breweries. In fact, one of our clients, Boulder Beer, is the first craft brewery in Colorado, established in 1979.

There are more breweries and brew pubs opening every week around the USA. Music by Custom Channels is the legal, fully licensed way to get a great music mix streamed to the tap room.

What music goes best with your beer?

Whether it’s for breweries with a tasting room, or for beer pubs that serve food, or for restaurants that serve beer, we’ve got a wide variety of songs and channels ready to go. Some restaurants and pubs use our All Access service with curated channels ready-to-play like “Classic Rock That Rocks” and “Indie Rock”.

Some breweries like our ReMix service because they get to create the mix themselves. Isn’t it just like brewers to create their own recipes for both beer and playlists! For example, take 50% “Blues”, blend with 35% “Old School R&B Soul”, and spice with 15% “Country Classics” with a few Sinatra songs added in. Original!

We scanned our music library and found a few appropriate fun songs that sound great while drinking a pilsner, lager, IPA or stout:

  • George Thorogood “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”
  • David Byrne “The Man Who Loved Beer”
  • Tom T. Hall “I Like Beer”
  • Kenny Chesney “Beer In Mexico”
  • Koko Taylor “Beer Bottle Boogie”
  • Billy Currington “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer”
  • Luke Bryan “Drink A Beer”
  • Josh Thompson “Cold Beer With Your Name On It”

Yes, Country artists sing about beer more often than singers in any other music genre.

For a retro perspective of beer, advertising and music, watch three beer commercials from the 1940’s.

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