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Better Music Mix + Faster Updates. Which Wich Radio Creates The Right Vibe.

Posted by John on January 12th, 2012

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the United States.  Since opening its first location in Dallas in 2003, the company has franchised more than 130 units.  The brand recently launched Which Wich Radio, in stores and online, powered by Custom Channels.

A Problem
Which Wich had previously relied on professional programmers to create playlists for in-store play, but the music was delivered via CD’s in the mail to each Which Wich location. Under that approach, management had to remember to change the CDs each month, and making updates to the playlist necessitated waiting weeks for new discs to be sent.

A Solution
Custom Channels digital music service now creates a branded, streaming radio station that sends music and messaging in real-time to every Which Wich location.  Updates are made immediately and the playlist is kept as fresh as the ingredients used in Which Wich’s superior sandwiches.  Like a custom sandwich order each customer places, Which Wich Radio is also custom-made just for this brand.

“There’s more to it than just putting a bunch of songs on ‘shuffle.’ The right music can set a positive tone for an entire dining experience, while the wrong sound can quickly sabotage the brand. The right music can make a big difference with customer,” says David Rahn, President of Custom Channels.

A Satisfied Listener
Which Wich franchisee Jay Goldstein writes: “I am so pleased with Which Wich Radio. We have seven locations that we have converted and the morale of the employees is so much higher because they get to listen to fun music.  The old music was horrible, repetitive (due to there being only monthly disks) and often unrecognizable.  The guests also love the music.  It’s great to see the staff and customers be-bopping around to music that they love!”

We recommend visiting a Which Wich to try their sandwiches (the ordering process is fun and different) and listen to the music mix.  Or listen to their Internet radio station here. In addition to improving the in-store music vibe, Custom Channels delivers Which Wich Radio to the WhichWich website.  This Internet radio channel has become a shareable, digital asset as part of Which Wich’s “Vibe Club” and social media outreach.

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