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Shameless, yet humble, posting of over-the-top compliments for Custom Channels about Whole Foods Market Radio

Posted by John on December 13th, 2012

We often get positive response and glowing compliments from our customers and clients, as many businesses do. This one was particularly energizing to us so we wanted to shamelessly share the love here on our Custom Channels blog.

It’s from Kim Collision, the Store Team Leader (general manager) of Whole Foods Market in West Hartford, Connecticut. She wrote us this unsolicited email (we really didn’t beg her for compliments) about Whole Foods Market Radio, which Custom Channels produces for in-store play at Whole Foods Market stores.

My store LOVES Whole Foods Market Radio! I knew from experience how good it is, but my 265 Team Members had NO IDEA!

They are raving about the song choice, the variety, the fact that there is just enough Christmas music blended in to create a festive holiday feel, but not so much that you want to run screaming from the store tearing out your hair.

Some of the comments from the team members over the last week:

  • ‘I found myself singing to the store music for the first time ever, and stopped in my tracks when I realized I was singing at work, and actually liked the song’
  • ‘we finally have relevant music’
  • ‘i’ve been dancing while I am fronting and facing’
  • ‘that was a cool Christmas song’
  • ‘Kinda cool that every Christmas song is followed by classic Rolling stones’
  • ‘The volume is steady, and doesn’t go high and low all the time now’
  • ‘Why didn’t we have this years ago?’
  • ‘what song was that, it made me dance’
  • ‘I’m so happy to not have to hear the same song 5 times in one day!’
  • ‘I like how it is so eclectic, and plays jazz, rock, folk and cool stuff all mixed together’

And this is only after the first week! THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS!

Wow – we’re smiling! It’s gratifying to get such positive, specific comments about our customized in-store music service. When I replied to ask Kim if we could share her email on our blog, she wrote more:

Sure you can share it and post it. We are PROUD of our Music in the West Hartford store-(cause it really is good) and we want the world to enjoy quality music too! Thanks much for providing it to us!

Thanks Kim!  And thanks, Whole Foods Market Store Team Leaders, for inviting Custom Channels into your stores to provide Whole Foods Market Radio (WFM Radio). We’re not yet in every store, so if your neighborhood Whole Foods Market doesn’t yet play WFM Radio, ask for it.

Someday, we’d love it if WFM Radio could be heard by everybody on the Whole Foods Market web site. Then we might get even more complimentary emails, heehee!

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