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Whole Foods Radio Part Of Boulder Store Expansion

Posted by John on January 11th, 2011

The Whole Foods Market on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, the first store to play Whole Foods Radio by Custom Channels in 2007, has expanded.

IMG_0771 IMG_0778

The Whole Foods store has grown from 36,000 to 66,000 square feet by moving into the space next door left vacant when Barnes and Noble moved nearby.

Most of the new space is for prepared foods areas. The expansion and remodel turns this Whole Foods store into part eat-in restaurant, part food court, part carry-out restaurant. The expansion also included a larger inside dining area (triple in size over previous) and a new outdoor courtyard for eating and socializing. It all adds up to more visits and more spent in the store by customers. More people will now be hearing Whole Foods Radio, and enjoying it for longer durations while shopping and dining.

Whole Foods Radio by Custom Channels is heard throughout the entire expanded store and in other Whole Foods Markets around the U.S.

The Whole Foods store on Boulder’s east Pearl Street isn’t one of the largest in the company’s chain, but it is one of the top stores for sales nationally reinforcing Boulder’s natural foods reputation.

When the Custom Channels staff visited the newly remodeled Whole Foods Market to see and hear the changes, we heard the song “Lost In Supermarket” by The Clash (how appropriate!) on Whole Foods Radio.

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