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Why Music for Businesses is So Important

Posted by Custom Channels on September 22nd, 2017

If you have ever been in a store and there was no music to be heard in the background, what was your impression? In all likelihood, you probably felt a little uncomfortable. Too quiet. Perhaps, you felt uncomfortable to the point that you left and went to find a store that felt (and sounded) more welcoming.

On the other hand, you may have left a store that was playing music, but the music being played was far too loud and didn’t match the brand or mood of the store. You wanted to do some shopping and spend some money, but you felt uncomfortable, stressed out, and found it difficult to concentrate or browse.

The right music at the right level of volume holds the potential to put shoppers in the right mood. The right music can also define or redefine your brand and image, increase sales opportunities and attract customers. Here are several reasons why music for business, powered by Custom Channels, will benefit you.

Create the Right Atmosphere

As more and more customers shop from the comforts of their home on websites ranging from eBay to Amazon to Overstock, it is more critical than ever that you ensure your shoppers enjoy a positive experience. After all, the key difference between shopping online and shopping in a physical store is the experience.

The right music not only affects your store’s environment, but it influences the shoppers’ feelings and moods as well. By merely changing the style and tempo of the music you play in your establishment, you can create or change the atmosphere. This is why you need to give careful consideration to what type of music you want to play in your place of business. Think about the type of atmosphere you wish to create. For example, you can create a playful environment by playing high-key pop music or you can choose to use slow rhythms for a more relaxed atmosphere.


Set the Pace

In many settings, when calm music is played in a shop at a low volume, shoppers tend to walk the aisles slowly. When energetic music at a higher volume is played, shoppers tend to speed up their pace. But not to worry, the pace of shoppers doesn’t affect sales, it just changes the atmosphere.

Music Creates a Privacy Bubble

Music gives your customers a sense of personal space while they browse your store or eat in a restaurant. It makes them feel more at ease and gives them a sense of privacy as they walk the aisles and talk with their friends and family. A store that’s too quiet can make a person feel exposed. A quiet store also gives the impression of inactivity or closing.

Creating a Brand

Creating a brand is partly about differentiating you from your competition. Music is part of being “on brand.” The style, era, tempo and volume of the music you play in your store helps to define and reinforce the brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

Imagine a store in the mall that sells high-end men’s clothing and accessories. It is unlikely you will hear rap music turned way up when you walk in. On the other hand, it is unlikely that you will hear soft classical music being played at a clothing and accessories store catering to teens and college age. Music can be a powerful tool in achieving your brand goals and communicating the brand to customers.

Increased Productivity

The music you play in your place of business is for your employees as much as it is for your customers. Music is a great way to increase concentration, productivity and staff morale. People tend to enjoy being on the job when non-repetitive music that fits the brand is playing. Happy, motivated employees equals better service and satisfied customers.

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