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Two Of Our Favorite Pastimes Are Again Blended Together: Radio And Beer.

Posted by John on September 27th, 2011

Here at SBR Custom Channels we love radio in all forms, from FM to Internet.  And we love beer – ales to stouts; bottle, can or on tap.  Two of our favorite pastimes have again been joined together: radio and beer.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Cafe radio program, created by WXPN in Philadelphia, host David Dye has brewed a beer and named it World Cafe Broadcaster Brown Ale. Throughout October, World Cafe Broadcaster Brown Ale will be available on tap in a number of bars and pubs throughout the Philadelphia area.It reminds us of 1987 when we brewed a radio anniversary beer in Boulder. Dave Rahn and John Bradley, SBR Custom Channels founders and co-presidents, were then at KBCO in Boulder. In celebration of the radio station’s 10th anniversary, a special brew was bottled and sold in local stores.

Here are photos of a bottle that still survives (empty!) in our SBR Custom Channels office. The radio station (at 97.3FM and also survives and  flourishes 24 years after it’s 10th anniversary beer.

Craft brewing has come a long way in 20+ years but the custom beer idea is still a good one.  Has your business done anything lately like this that’s fun, different and attention-getting?

  • You can read more about the World Cafe anniversary beer here.
  • Read about all the exciting events and interesting music on WXPN radio here.
  • And you can read about or listen to the World Cafe radio program here.  World Cafe also has two actual cafe/live music venues in Philadelphia and Wilmington.

We’re ready to add a custom Internet radio station playing inside a brew pub.  Great music makes the beer taste even better.  And we can easily put a custom Internet channel on the website of beers, breweries and pubs to reach customers everywhere.

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