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You Need Dental Office Music

Posted by Custom Channels on October 17th, 2017

Custom Channels is the music service for dentist offices that believe music plays an important role in their practice. Dental office music is important if you are concerned about a patient’s comfort and enjoyment while visiting. In addition, the right music can also play a role in the productivity and satisfaction of the staff.

When you go to your dentist for a treatment or procedure, you want it to be as pleasant an experience as possible. This can be difficult as there are several dental procedures that many people do not look forward to. Nobody draws a smiley face next to the words “root canal” that are marked on your calendar.

You could rely on a radio station to help relax your patients while they sit in the dental chair, but there would be a lot of talk, commercials and other interruptions to contend with. And satellite radio isn’t designed for all-day listening. If you think that music isn’t a key element in relaxation or doesn’t hold any other powers, you need to check out the ways that music relaxes people.

Reduces Stress

Listening to soothing music that elevates your mind and relaxes your body also reduces the stress that you feel. Reduced stress not only makes you feel better, it also brings about improved health. Relaxing music can help reduce the stress caused by having a dental procedure performed.


Relaxes the Body

Whether you are enjoying a soothing bath at home, a massage at your local spa, or a procedure at your dentist, music helps you to relax more. That’s right, music can help you make it through a drilling, scraping and poking with sharp tools.

Reduces Pain

Studies have shown that relaxing music can be helpful for those who are suffering pain. In fact, people who listen to music after a medical procedure have requested less pain medication than those who didn’t listen to any music.


It has been demonstrated that when the body and the mind are relaxed, the body’s ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced. Basically, as patients start listening to relaxing music, they are already beginning to heal from the procedure.

We have two services that are perfect for dental offices. We offer All Access, in which we manage the music channels played at your office or Remix, in which you create your own channel and manage the music. With a lot of styles and literally tens of thousands of songs, you won’t have to listen to the same few songs over and over again throughout the day.

What’s even better is that our service streams music from the internet, so no CDs need to be changed, no iPods need to be charged and no satellite dishes need to be purchased. And because we provide a music player, you don’t even need to have a computer.

If you happen to have a dental brand with multiple offices, we can create a fully-customized channel with specialized pricing for all of your locations. It is a lot easier than you think to have great music playing at your dentist office. Custom Channels invites you to see how it works.



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