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You Need Restaurant Music

Posted by Custom Channels on August 18th, 2017

Music is one of the most powerful, artistic elements and it affects our mood in ways you wouldn’t believe. Music can excite us, it can soothe us. It can be the focal point of a concert or a mood enhancing element of your restaurant. When it comes to atmosphere, we often think about our surroundings, and what we are hearing in these surroundings.

It is an old cliche, but music is the universal language of mankind and it is loved for many reasons. Some love music for its entertainment and others because it relaxes them. Either way, music must be used to attract customers and boost sales. And if you own an eatery, you need great restaurant music.


Music is a critical factor when considering the way you want your customers to perceive your restaurant. If you are shooting for a hip and trendy restaurant, then you need to play new music that gives your customers the perception your place is cool and stylish. But there are more important things to consider when deciding what type of music to play.

Music is as important as decor when it comes to your image. The right music, along with the right lighting and decor, attracts a positive first impression from new customers and in the long term, builds a sense of familiarity and community. This feeling is what keeps customers coming back.

Customer Enjoyment

Never underestimate the quality of a customer’s experience. Music evokes emotion and increases the enjoyment of eating out. It is the music in a restaurant, not the appetizers or desserts, that encourages to unwind and relax. Music is what stimulates interaction with others and it is what fills the air during those uncomfortable moments of silence.

Just be careful in your selection of music as few people visiting a steakhouse will want to listen to the latest heavy metal.

Customer Engagement

Music is as social as it is emotional. That is, music is a great ice breaker or subject matter for customers and staff. Music is universal and gives everybody at all ages something to talk about.

Make Money

There has been a study that suggests people spend more money when they are at a restaurant that plays music. This is not some crack at subliminal messaging in music, the reason is quite simple: People stay longer at restaurants that play a great music mix.

Another study found that even the tempo of music played at restaurants show a difference in what customers paid. It would be of little surprise for you to know that people who listened to slower songs spent more money than people who listened to fast music in restaurants. This makes sense for many reasons, most notably because people who listened to the slower songs didn’t feel rushed.

This is not to say you need to play slow music in your restaurant to gain maximum sales. It’s important that you play music that keeps with the theme of your establishment and appeals to your target customer.


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