We get phone inquiries each day about our music service for business. When we ask “what music service are you currently using” the answer, about a quarter of the time, is “SiriusXM satellite radio”.

We also get many inquiries through the contact page our web site from dissatisfied users of SiriusXM satellite radio. Here are a few verbatim written comments:

  • We currently use XM, but would like to find a music system that is not so repetitive.
  • We currently have XM radio and are having issues with it. I would like to hear a little more about your services. We are a dental office in Florida. Thank you!!!
  • We are an IT and technology provider for dental offices. Many of our clients use internet radio or SiriusXM but they are not happy with it. We are trying to find them a better solution.
  • We currently use XM Radio for our restaurant, but it is very repetitive, and if we look for other channels that are a bit edgier, they tend to get too rough for our customers.
  • Currently using SiriusXM for business for music in our stores. Repetition is too high – employees complain they hear the same songs over and over all day.
  • We are looking for something to replace our Sirius XM radio

These written comments mirror the phone comments. You can see “repetitive music” is just one reason that provokes SiriusXM satellite radio users to contact Custom Channels.

SiriusXM was originally designed for individual use, not for in-store, in-office or in-business use. SiriusXM was created in the 1990s as an alternative to AM/FM broadcast radio by offering more choices, often without commercials, and to provide radio services for people, especially highway travelers, in remote areas where AM/FM coverage wasn’t good. SiriusXM can be a good music/talk/entertainment source for individual listening, especially for in-car/in-truck listening. Just like AM/FM radio, it’s easy to switch between SiriusXM stations when you’re in your car and don’t like a song. But in a business, you don’t want to keep switching channels while trying to work.

Satellite radio wasn’t created as much for the at-work environment as it was for one-on-one engagement. Custom Channels was created for businesses and is focused solely on music for business, not for the individual consumer mass market. That means less repetition (not only in the work day but less repetition of the same songs day to day); song lyrics and song textures are screened for the work environment; and we offer better, friendly customer service because we are exclusively B2B focused (business to business) with a smaller customer base than the 26 million SiriusXM subscribers.

One point about satellite radio is that it can be inexpensive. If you’re looking for one of the cheapest legal options, this might work. You get what you pay for. We strongly recommend that businesses NOT USE the consumer SiriusXM just because it’s even cheaper. Businesses are required to pay different music licensing fees than consumers so it’s always best to use the business service so that you don’t short change the music makers and stay legal.

If your office, store, restaurant or retail shop has experienced similar frustrations over music and you’re looking for an alternative to SiriusXM, join the growing group of people who are contacting Custom Channels and let us demonstrate how we can improve the sound of your business with our music service.