Mark Willett, account executive for Custom Channels, talks with Marlon Gordon of Nation’s Restaurant News about why music is a vital part of the restaurant customer experience — and one that brands overlook at their own risk. Hear how the right music can boost check averages, boost frequency and improve perception of your brand.

“Our mix mixes are not just left to the whims of AI (artificial intelligence). This is a human experience. We have human curators that put their eyes and ears on every single song before it goes into your restaurant. You can trust that songs are always going to be brand appropriate, ” said Willett.

..How can operators use music to further the brand identity in their restaurant?

“Restaurant operators put a lot of thought into the visual, touch, taste and smells of the establishment. What the tables, chairs, forks and napkins are like.  What feeling the lighting and decor reflects. Custom Channels strives to put that level of care into the music mix and song selection so that it matches perfectly with everything else,” said Willett.

“We aim to maximize variety and minimize repetition so that employees don’t get sick of the songs. Food service workers are in the restaurant all day whereas customers are in the restaurant for a short amount of time. The music mix has to be perfect for both of the groups.”   

Separating Custom Channels from Other Music Services

Customer service is a big difference between Custom Channels and other licensed music services. “We answer the phone,” said Willett. It seems like a small thing but it’s so difficult to get a hold of customer service at not only music companies, but most any corporate vendor. Custom Channels is available and easy to reach via phone, email or on the private client dashboard. Part of the reason we can do this is that our streaming delivery and music players have so few problems once installed. And installation is simple plug-and-play.    

Willett also addresses the topic of why restaurants should not use consumer music services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora.

The interview took place at the conference titled CREATE: The Future Of Food Service. CREATE connects the most exciting restaurant leaders — from the biggest brands and the most exciting emerging brands— with each other and leading vendors in restaurant services, including customized music services. Watch the full interview HERE.

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