As your business grows and expands, it will inevitably open new locations in new markets and attract new customers. Early on in this process, it may be tempting to let each location create their own unique identity within broad branding guidelines, but there are some things that are best kept consistent. A unified music strategy for business is a simple and powerful way to reinforce your brand identity and keep your customers coming back.


The Branding Value of Music for Business

Playing the same music across all locations is comparable to using the same colors and lighting, selling the same products, or keeping the physical layout consistent. Not only does it help to standardize a key element of your business, it ensures that your customers are instantly reminded of who you are and what you do. Any marketing professional will tell you that consistency is vital to efficient and effective brand promotion. Without consistent logos, slogans, colors, and fonts, promoting your brand becomes a difficult and tedious process. A unified music strategy for your business is yet another tool that you can use to promote your brand and create a distinct identity your customers can remember.


How a Unified Music Strategy for Business Helps Our Clients Achieve Their Goals

While all of our clients receive access to a vast, professionally-curated library of music designed for business, several of our clients have taken the idea of a unified music strategy for business a step further and made custom music a core component of their brand identity: Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, for example, touts itself as a “rock and roll” shop where “the music is worth turning up.” They’ve used music as an extension of their brand identity using a professionally-curated Ethos channel. When you walk into any Floyd’s shop, your first impressions are sculpted in part by the custom-branded, curated channel that plays in every store.

Goldfish Swim School, on the other hand, offers swimming lessons for kids and has their own unique needs for music. Their channel is built on our ReMix service and is managed by Goldfish themselves, rather than by a Custom Channels music programmer. Even so, by using one centralized channel for all of their locations, Goldfish ensures a unified music strategy for their business—a consistent sound entirely within their control.

MOD Pizza, another music-conscious client, has embraced their musical roots and uses the same playlist across their 400+ stores. For them, music is yet another key component of their business model that drives the customer experience. A few years ago, we chatted with MOD Pizza’s VP of Marketing, Kevin Flaherty, about the critical value of a unified music strategy for their business, and how their custom Ethos channel helps them create a branded musical identity all their own.

Whether you’re just adding your second location or expanding to all 50 states, Custom Channels can help provide a unified music strategy for your business that is rock-solid, consistently branded, and a powerful promotional tool for your business.