Atmosphere TV and Custom Channels


Atmosphere is home to 60+ channels of ultra-entertaining, audio-optional TV designed to keep your customers happy and engaged. Watch breaking news, sports, viral videos, fuzzy animals and more, all absolutely free!

Sign up with Atmosphere today and Custom Channels will waive your music subscription for up to a year! You can pair free TV with your perfect music mix from Custom Channels.

Atmosphere offers programming that inspires, excites, informs, motivates, and amuses your customers. Cut the cord and break away from expensive cable costs with FREE channels on an Atmosphere provided device.

Click the button below to get Custom Channels FREE for up to 12 months and FREE TV for life!

Get Atmosphere TV and FREE Music

Sign up with Atmosphere and get up to 12 months of Custom Channels for Free.

How Does This Partnership Work?

  • For each month that you meet Atmosphere’s viewing requirements, Custom Channels will waive your music subscription, up to 12 months
  • There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel your Atmosphere TV account at any time
  • Atmosphere TV provides a streaming box at no cost that connects to your TV