Our Tech

Smooth music delivery

  • High quality AAC+, real-time streaming to all locations
  • Server redundancy with automatic failover to AWS
  • Large buffer, small network footprint (<100 kbps)

Intuitive operation

  • Sleek, buttonless design
  • Web based control and monitoring
  • Plug and play simplicity — up and running in minutes
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Wickedly simple streaming for business

Connect to your
existing internet

The Custom Channels music player plugs into your network with a single Ethernet cable – no computer needed

Connect to your
sound system

Our music player plugs into the CD or AUX input of your existing stereo system receiver/amplifier

Let the
music play!

Music is streamed in real-time over the internet directly to your business 24/7 – you set it and forget it

So solid, we guarantee it for life

  • Warranted against malfunction not due to damage
  • 99.9% uptime for our facilities and networks
  • Load balanced Content Delivery Network

The ultimate in set-up simplicity

  • Players shipped pre-configured, plug-and-play
  • No operating system security risk
  • Limited, secure access – hands off at store level

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Designed to put a smile on IT’s face

All connections initiated by player
Port 80 http for all traffic
No need to open ports on firewall
Easily configured for secure environments
Remote monitoring and control

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