General FAQ

How can I change my password?

Go to “Settings” then “Account Settings” from the left-hand menu and enter both your old and new passwords. Don’t forget to click “Update Password” after making any changes.

What time zone is my playlist showing?
 You control the time zone. Go to “Settings” then “Account Settings” from the left-hand menu to view or modify your time zone settings. Don’t forget to click “Update Contact Details” after making any changes.
Some songs don't have a preview clip

You can listen to preview clips of songs from your dashboard and within the artist/song search results. If you see a triangle with an exclamation point where the play button should be, that means there’s a missing preview clip of that song. It is rare, but please let us know if you do encounter this error.

Why does my player turn off automatically?

Your player is programmed and setup with an off/on schedule. The typical schedule automatically turns on at 6:00AM and off at 12:00AM. If you would like any adjustments made to your player’s schedule, please contact us:

What's the difference between accounts, channels, and playlists?

Account is your business. You might have one or more locations under your account.

Channel is the Custom Channels music stream playing at your account. Whether you’re using our All Access, ReMix or Ethos service, your channel is what’s being streamed to your locations.

Playlists are part of ReMix. Your ReMix channel streams a playlist you’ve created.

All Access FAQ

Can I see what songs have been played?

Yes. Go to “Recently Played” on the side menu to see a list and that times those songs played. To see recently played songs on other channels, use the pull-down menu in the upper right. Switching “Recently Played” lists will not change the music that’s playing.Yes. Go to “Recently Played” on the side menu to see a list and that times those songs played. To see recently played songs on other channels, use the pull-down menu in the upper right. Switching “Recently Played” lists will not change the music that’s playing.

How do I add, remove and reorder the channels on my player?

Click “Manage Players” in the side menu under Settings, then click the blue “Manage Player” button. You’ll see a list of the channels currently on your player in the middle of the page. Click the “Add Channels” button. Any available channels not currently on your player are listed here. To add a channel, click on the checkbox next to the name of the channel, then click the “Add Channels” button. To remove a channel, click the “x” on the right side of the channel name. Your player will not be updated until the player has been shut off and turned back on.

How are your music channels created?

All Access channels are professionally programmed by our music experts and continuously updated – no loops or static song lists. We used sophisticated software to create a fresh sequence of songs every day with many safeguards to reduce repetition and increase variety.


What's the difference between Style Select and Song Select?

With both you customize your own playlist. Using Style Select you blend our curated styles together automatically adding hundreds or thousands of songs. Using Song Select, you handpick each song.

How many music styles can I add to my Style Select playlist?

After a lot of trial and error, we found that a limit of three styles offers the best blend and flexibility. You can also make a playlist with only one or two styles.

Where do your music styles come from?

From our All Access family of music channels. All Access is a collection of ready-to-go channels available for your business right now. It’s hands-off listening. ReMix is hands-on allowing you to customize the All Access styles.

How do I REMOVE a song from my playlist?

You can remove a song from either the “Recently Played” list, or from the “Search+Discover” list. Simply check the box of the playlist you want the song removed from. In addition, you can remove songs directly from a Song Select playlist page. Songs can be removed from one playlist and not affect another playlist.

How do I ADD a song to my playlist?

Use “Search+Discover” in the upper left to find songs or artists. Then simply check the box of the playlist you want the song added to. Songs can be added to one playlist and not affect another playlist.

If I add or remove a song, is that for all playlists?
Anytime you add or remove a song you are doing it for one playlist at a time. You can see the list of songs added and songs removed on each individual playlist page.
Can I adjust the mix of styles in a playlist that’s already created?
Yes. From the left side menu, click on your Playlist. Use the sliders to play more or less of any music style. You can also remove and add different music styles. Three is the maximum number of styles at one time. Your changes will take effect after the song that’s currently playing.
Can I rename ReMix playlists?
Yes. From the left side menu, click on your Playlist. Below your Playlist’s name click “Rename Playlist”.
What is a Primary Playlist?
The Primary Playlist is your go-to playlist. It will always play unless you create and schedule other playlists for specific days and times. Primary Playlist is by default the first playlist that you create. It can be changed on the Schedule page. The Primary Playlist must be Style Select, not Song Select.
Can I create multiple playlists?
Yes. You can create up to seven playlists that can play at different times on different days. Look for the green “Create Playlist” button. Remember to schedule your multiple playlists so they’ll play when you want them to. ReMix will always play your Primary Playlist if no other playlist is scheduled.
How do I schedule more than one playlist?

Before another Playlist you create can actually play, it needs to be scheduled. You’ll see “Schedule Playlists” at the top right that takes you to a 7-day calendar. Simply click and drag on the calendar for the day you which to schedule the playlist. This will reveal a scheduling window for you to pick the time and days for this playlist.

ReMix will always play your Primary Playlist if no other playlist is scheduled. Playlist schedules are created for one day at a time. You’ll need to schedule your playlist separately for each day. To remove an existing playlist from the schedule, click on it and delete.

If you want a playlist to go past midnight, schedule the playlist to 11:55pm, then create another schedule for the same playlist the next day starting at 12:00AM. Don’t worry, music will play continuously without stopping. Don’t see the schedule calendar? You need to create a second playlist first.

In what order do the songs play?

With Style Select, we’ve created a formula to give you the best mix based on the percentages you selected. To lower repetition, once a song is played it rests for hours before it can play again. We also keep songs by the same artist from playing close to each other.

With Song Select, all the songs you’ve handpicked are shuffled into a random order and played. When every song is played once, the list is again shuffled randomly and all songs play so it’s never in the same order.

Why do I need more than 40 songs for a Song Select playlist?

We believe in not repeating the same songs and artists too often. So after researching, we landed on 40 as a minimum number of songs needed to make a playlist sound good. We’d recommend you try for more, at least a hundred, and there’s no limit to the number of songs you can add.

Why is there a limit on the number of songs I can pick from the same artist?

Due to music licensing rules, we are unable to add an unlimited number of songs by the same artist to one playlist.

Ethos FAQ

What happens when I remove a song from my Ethos channel?
When you click the “Remove Song” button on your “Recently Played” list, our music programmers are notified that you would like this song removed from your playlist. During the next update of your playlist, which your channel’s music programmer does frequently, this song will be removed. It is possible you may hear this song again before an update is made, but don’t worry, we will get it removed from your playlist as soon as possible.
How do I add a song to my Ethos channel?
On the “Recently Played” page click on “Play more songs like this” icon. This will alert us that this is a sound/artist/song you like. Contact your Custom Channels music programmer to add specific songs.
Who can remove songs or like songs on my Ethos channel?
Only the channel “owner” can mark songs to be removed or “Play more songs like this”. The “owner” is one person at your business, usually designated when your account started.

Sonos FAQ

Can I use the same login for my Sonos and Custom Channels accounts?

No. Your Sonos login is specific to your Sonos account, which was set up when you installed the speakers. The login for Custom Channels should have been provided to you by one of our team members. Each account serves different purposes and requires separate credentials to ensure security and functionality tailored to each service.

Why do I need to log in to my Sonos account to use Custom Channels on a new device?

When setting up Custom Channels or using the Sonos app on a new device to add Custom Channels as a music source you may be prompted to login to your Sonos account. This is not the same as your Custom Channels account login information. This account was set up independently when speakers were installed. If you see the following screens at any point during this process, you will need your Sonos account info:

How do I add Custom Channels as a Music Source for Sonos?


1) From the Select Music Source menu, click Add Music Services

2) Find and select Custom Channels in the alphabetical listing of music services

3) Click I already have an account


1) Open the Sonos App and select Settings and then choose Services

2) From the Services menu, choose Add a Service

3) Find Custom Channels in the listing of music services. Click it and press Add to Sonos

4) Choose I already have an account

How do I sign into Custom Channels once I have added the service as a Music Source?

1) From the Sonos app, you will be redirected to a Custom Channels Login page

2) After entering your login credentials, you will be prompted to choose your location OR

3) You will need to register the location where you will be using Custom Channels

4) Once you see the Success screen you can return to the Sonos app and start listening!

Why does the “Recently Played” page show a few songs ahead of what I’m hearing?

Sonos devices cache up to three songs in order to provide uninterrupted playback. “Recently Played” may be one to three songs ahead of what you are currently hearing at your business.

Holiday Music FAQ

How do I add Holiday music with ReMix?
How do I add Holiday music with All Access?
How do I remove Holiday music with Remix?

To remove holiday music, refer to the instructions in the ReMix video above and undo any changes you made following those steps. Additionally, you can find more detailed scenarios and instructions below:

I’ve created a new holiday playlist and set it as my primary:

  1. Navigate to the ReMix channel Schedule page.
  2. At the top right of the schedule view, select the option “change” where your primary playlist is listed. Select another playlist and set it as your primary.
  3. Please note that this will reset your schedule for the corresponding playlist.

I’ve scheduled a holiday playlist to play all of the time:

  1. Navigate to the ReMix channel Schedule page.
  2. Click on each instance of the holiday playlist that you have scheduled.
  3. Select the “delete” option for each time the playlist was scheduled.

I’ve added a holiday style to one of my existing playlists.

  1. Select the playlist you’d like to edit from the left-side menu.
  2. Click the small trash icon next to the holiday style you would like to remove.
How Do I Remove Holiday Music with All Access?

To remove holiday music, refer to the instructions in the All Access video above and undo any changes you made following those steps. Make sure to reboot your player after any changes to the channel lineup from your online dashboard.

How Do I Add or Remove Holiday Music with Ethos?

Please contact your music programmer regarding the holiday music used on your Ethos channel. If you are unsure of who to contact, please reach out to or call 303-444-7700 for additional assistance.