Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I change my password?

Go to “Settings” then “Account Settings” on the side menu and enter both your old and new passwords. Don’t forget to click “Update Password” after making any changes.

What time zone is my playlist showing?

 You control the time zone. Go to “Settings” then “Account Settings” on the side menu to view or modify your time zone settings. Don’t forget to click “Update Contact Details” after making any changes.

Some songs don’t have a preview clip.

You can listen to preview clips of songs from your dashboard and within the artist/song search results. If you see a triangle with an exclamation point where the play button should be, that means there’s a missing preview clip of that song. It is rare and we’re working on finding any missing clips.

Why does my player turn off automatically?

Your player is programmed and setup with an off/on schedule. The typical schedule automatically turns on at 6:00AM and off at 12:00AM. If you would like any adjustments made to your player’s schedule, please contact us:

What’s the difference between account, channel and playlists?

Account is your business. You might have one or more locations under your account.

Channel is the Custom Channels music stream playing at your account. Whether you’re using our All Access, ReMix or Ethos service, your channel is what’s being streamed to your locations.

Playlists are part of ReMix.  Your ReMix channel streams a playlist you’ve created.