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Making sure you have the right licenses to play music in your store or on your website can be a tricky, confusing and expensive exercise. There are many types of music licenses for businesses, varying from background music to karaoke to live performances to instruction. It’s not an easy thing to figure out on your own.

Businesses rely on Custom Channels for their music service so they can do everything legally and cost effectively. We handle all of the music licensing as part of your monthly fee so you can worry about running your business instead of running afoul of copyright laws with the threat of paying hefty fines.

Music licenses are the way song writers and performers get paid for their work. If a business is playing music that is audible to the general public, chances are high that a music license is needed, regardless of the source of the music – and even if you legally bought the music and play it from CD’s or your iPod.

Our streaming music service also makes it possible to play more song titles and more artists in your business than are available using many common music services. Those other music services can’t license large numbers of artists and titles because they don’t stream and that means a different, more restrictive music license.

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No Worry About Music Licensing with Custom Channels

Custom Channels does all the reporting, tracking, and payment of royalties to the PROs, Performing Rights Organizations, that include BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and GMR. These PROs are responsible for collecting all performance royalties and distributing them to their members, which include songwriters and publishers. We also pay a fee to SoundExchange, the organization that collects royalties for the owners of the sound recordings (typically, the record labels). We cover SOCAN and Re:Sound music licensing in Canada.

Are local radio stations or Internet services, such as Pandora, OK to play in a business? Although AM/FM radio stations are licensed to play music over the air, those agreements do not authorize businesses to play the radio for the public, except in certain cases.

Consumer music services, such as Pandora, Spotify or SiriusXM, also do not include public performance licenses for businesses, unless they are specifically bundled as part of a business service from a commercial music services dealer. If you are using a consumer online music service, like Pandora or Spotify, in your business for the public to hear, you may be violating the service’s terms-of-use and – worse – may be liable for copyright infringement.



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