Three Questions To Ask Of The Employee In Charge Of Selecting The Music Service.  


Every business is different. When it comes to music, tastes and trends vary widely. And yet there are a few common questions every business owner or manager should ask of the employee who is in charge of the music playing in the store, restaurant or office.

1) Does The Music Fit My Business?

The music you play can be a powerful tool for your business. But it’s powerful only if it’s the right songs with the proper music recipe. Is the business picking the music based on the personal taste of the employee-in-charge? Ideally, there needs to be a large selection of quality, curated music. With that large selection you should be able to tailor that song list to your business’ unique atmosphere and customer base. 

Not just any music will do for your business. Because the right music can make all the difference in the world for employees and for customers — but so can the wrong music. You don’t want to hear any jarring lyrics, fast-paced beats, or minor key downers. And you certainly don’t want to hear the same sequence of songs playing over and over, day after day. That’s why at Custom Channels we say about the playlist “what you leave out is just as important as what you leave in.”

The right music service should provide access to an expertly-curated selection of music built for business, not for consumers. And since your business isn’t like every other, you should have the ability to tailor the sound to your unique style and tastes. 

2) Are The Songs Licensed?

Make sure that the songs playing in your shop, office or restaurant are licensed specifically for business use. The music app used at home or in your car won’t do that. Playing songs from YouTube, Spotify, Apple or consumer Pandora won’t work. That’s because you risk running afoul of licensing and copyright rules if you don’t play songs from a service that is designed for professional business use.

The music you play in your business is subject to much stricter licensing and copyright regulations than consumer music services are.


Music played in businesses requires special music licenses. This makes the service more expensive than consumer music services because those use a different licensing model. Some businesses mistakenly try to cut costs by using a consumer music service. The business management opens themselves up to massive fines and even legal action by doing so — and that’s the last thing your business needs to worry about. It’s important to choose a music service built from the ground up to be fully-licensed for business use. In addition, make sure that licensing is part of the monthly fee you pay, not added on to the invoice later, or not at all.

3) Is Your Music System Reliable?

Running your business is enough work. You don’t need a music system that puts even more on your plate. While bugs and quirks might be tolerable in a home consumer service, your business’ music needs to be bulletproof. You want a music service with business-class technology that you can trust and commercial-grade hardware warrantied for life. And if you ever do have questions or problems, you’ll want an immediate response from an accessible, expert support team. Someone that is familiar with your business and who know how to make sure you never go without music.

Reliable. Licensed. Song Selection.  

These above three questions will provide the base for a solid audio experience for any employee, staff member or team member who is in charge of the music playing in the store, restaurant or office. Custom Channels excels in all three of these areas. Our clients give us 5 out of 5 stars on reliability, song licensing and, the most difficult of all criteria to obtain an outstanding rating: excellence in music fit for brand and customers.