We’ve talked to people in retail, restaurants, and offices who use SiriusXM satellite radio. The word that keeps being repeated is repetition. Owners and employees tell us they hear the same songs repeated all the time on SiriusXM radio channels. It’s no wonder. We looked at how often the same songs got played during the week of March 6-12, 2010, on some of the SiriusXM channels being used in offices and in stores.

The same song got played:

  • Sirius Hits-1 124 times weekly / 18 times daily
  • Pink Channel 95 times weekly / 14 times daily
  • Kiss 89 times weekly / 13 times daily
  • Pulse 69 times weekly / 10 times daily
  • BPM 62 times weekly / 9 times daily
  • Nashville Country 56 times weekly / 8 times daily
  • The Highway (Country) 44 times / 6 times daily
  • Spectrum 42 times / 6 times daily
  • Mix 37 times weekly / 5 times daily
  • Alt Nation 36 times / 5 times daily
  • Blend 34 times weekly / 5 times daily

We know that repetition is one of the main complaints about other music services like SiriusXM satellite radio, Muzak and PlayNetwork. SiriusXM is built more for in-and-out listening, mostly in-car commuting listening, more than for all day, at-work, leave-it-on listening.

Repeating the same songs gives your business little diversity and variety unless you constantly switch to different channels and that’s a hassle.  We believe music is a key ingredient to happy employees.  And happy employees lead to happy customers.

We design Custom Channels for businesses without relying on a small, repetitive music library. Our Custom Channel for Floyd’s 99 Barbershop currently has over 5,000 songs and we are still adding more! Another example of less repetitive music service is our Radio Ortho service.  It’s designed for an 8 hour workday in dental and orthodontics offices. We believe one channel doesn’t fit all businesses.  That’s why we’re Custom Channels.