Listening to music and audio online has grown steadily over the years. No longer is online radio a quirky thing. Now, it’s the place to reach hundreds, thousands, millions of your current customers and potential customers. Go where the people are to market and advertise your business. And people are online…listening. 

Your Potential Customers are Already Online Ready to Listen

Here are two graphs that illustrate that by using a branded streaming channel for your business you are stepping into the digital space where the people are now to reach them.

What Is an Online Music Streaming Channel?

We’re not talking about posting a short list of songs on Spotify. Online radio is a full-on, produced and branded experience combining your song list (updated often) mixed with the audio ingredients that bring the message of your brand to life – that give it personality!

When you stream your brand name on your own online music channel, you control both the music and messages. Then, when your customer, or better yet: potential customer, logs in to your streaming music channel, it’s all about you. It’s your vibe, your promotions, your songs. Now, you can be the media, not just rent space on it, with your own, private-label streaming radio channel. Most importantly, it’s not someone else’s song choices – it’s music that sounds like your business and your brand.

Advantages With Having Your Own Online Channel

A huge advantage of having your own streaming music channel is to provide content for your social media. Businesses are constantly looking for what to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email blasts. Businesses that have their own online radio station can post the now-playing song, the recently-played songs, listener reaction, staff song favorites, and even reminders like “when you can’t be at our business in person you can get the same vibe at home”. Custom Channels designs specialty streaming radio stations for clients seeking to grow beyond tweets, posts and blogs. And yes, a custom streaming channel CAN play on your company’s app!

These streaming music channels that are brand specific are ideal for many high engagement brands. Any brand that has a loyal customer base has fans of that product or service. Fans spread the word.

Two Options: Which Fits Your Business?  

There are two approaches to online radio. The first option is to have the same customized music playlist that’s heard in your store locations be available online: on the web and on your app. Let your in-store sound travel outside the building. The second option is to design an online-only stream that’s separate from your in-store audio. This can be more targeted and more engaging to listeners who are not at the store with messages and promotions created just for them, not in-store customers.

Custom Channels has created popular branded streaming music channels (often referred to as online radio stations) for rock & hip hop themed barber shops; trendy orthodontics offices that want to connect with their youthful customers and their parents; a national sandwich shop chain with a music vibe that dares to be different, and the industry leader in fast casual dining.

Even singer/entertainer Kenny Chesney has his own branded channel No Shoes Radio;  as does Jimmy Buffett with Radio Margaritaville; and the tequila Pure Vida.

Know How People Are Listening – and Reach Them Outside Your Store

Businesses that use Custom Channels online music service receive monthly listening statistics to see how long, how often and where people are listening. This includes a breakdown of unique listeners as well total cumulative audience. The ability to not only target an online audience but then use that data for marketing decisions is a huge step that many businesses miss.

It all leads to improved social media engagement with present customers and future customers; heightened awareness for the business and brand; and increased frequency of purchases and sales.

Online music channels are for local, regional and national businesses. Now, it’s possible to reach your intended customers/listeners whether they are in your area or spread out around the country. Online music channels work equally well for businesses with physical locations, going beyond brick & mortar to create an online atmosphere (like Floyd’s 99 Barbershops), and for virtual businesses without a physical building (like 30A Radio).

Improve the social media content of your brand and to engage with customers when they’re not in your stores, restaurants, or offices. How? By considering an online streaming music channel that includes name, brand image, and messages and promotions mixed with a customized playlist.

To business owners, streaming channels may be a new idea. To listeners, they’re already online seeking out exciting new audio options. It could be the marketing breakthrough you’ve been hoping for.