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When it Comes to Music for Your Business, We Take Extra Care to Give You the Best

Posted by John on May 25th, 2018

Ever wonder how the music you hear in your business gets from us to your speakers? Custom Channels has a series of steps that include quality assurance checks, metadata checks, advanced audio processing, and actual humans (!) listening to the music before it makes it to your business.

Custom Channels is a music service that exclusively serves business environments, not individual consumers. Our dedicated music curators scour through hundreds of songs every week for the songs that would be a great fit for our customers and their customers. We’re always looking for the newest hits, underrated b-sides, and classic deep cuts to add to our huge music library. We serve a wide range of businesses: medical/dental, high-end restaurants, fast casual restaurants, spas, salons, and grocery stores to name a few categories.

Once music is selected, the song metadata and album artwork are verified by our in-house music engineers. This metadata includes the song title, artist, and album information. This data is important to our service so that we can be certain that you, our customer, can easily search for your favorite bands and find that one song you’ve been dying to hear (especially important with our ReMix service where you can create your own playlists).

The songs then go through advanced audio processing to ensure normalized volume levels and the best quality to be served to businesses via web streaming. This eliminates the wild volume swings when some songs are too loud and others are too soft – a common problem when businesses try to play their own music.

Next, our music curators listen through the songs another time to make sure they are coded with various tag and genre information. This is also one of the first times when our staff decides what songs get added to what channel. A song that’s right for a spa may be not be right for a tavern! We have such a wide selection of songs from all eras that we’re able to customize the sound for each client and brand.

Finally, in order to provide the most reliable music service possible, all of the songs are distributed to servers all over the country to eventually be delivered to your speakers. By distributing the songs to multiple servers we can more confidently assure our customers that their music will always be available to play – no disruptions due to server maintenance or failures. We know that consistent music is what helps create the perfect vibe in your business.

A simple chart of how our music reaches your place of business is here.

At Custom Channels, we strongly believe in quality assurance with real people actually listening to every song before giving it our seal-of-approval for use in business. When it comes to music-for-business for your store, restaurant, or shop, we take extra care to give you the best mix!

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