For businesses that want to sound fresh and current, keeping up with contemporary music trends presents a challenge: modern music—especially the chart-toppers—are often rife with expletives in their lyrics, and even their song titles. While this may not be a problem for consumer listeners, businesses have unique needs in terms of their image and what they want their customers to hear. So if your businesses wants the sounds of today’s pop, hip-hop, and rap hits without risking the bad language, here’s how you can get clean music for your business.

Last week’s Billboard Hot 100 contained 43 songs flagged as EXPLICIT; when nearly half of the most popular songs in the U.S. are explicit, it’s going to be tough for businesses to find a balance between staying current and staying appropriate. Fortunately, Custom Channels is staffed with professional music curators who know exactly how to navigate new releases to craft playlists that keep a business sounding new and up-to-date without tripping up on bad lyrics. With the right experience, the right tools, and the right process, current music can be clean music.

It’d be easy enough to write off explicit songs as unusable, which is a shortcut many services and people are happy to take—even when it means dumping half of today’s most popular songs. Even worse, some music services, especially consumer music services that aren’t designed or licensed for business, don’t bother avoiding explicit lyrics at all, opting to just play unedited music that isn’t appropriate for families or business environments. A quality music service will put in the work to find radio edits and “clean” versions of those songs, which often requires time and a strong relationship with the record labels. At Custom Channels, we even take the time to craft our own clean edits of certain songs that don’t have them, ensuring our customers never have to choose between new music and clean music for their business.

However, just finding or editing explicit music into clean music doesn’t get us all the way to clean music for business. There are plenty of ways for music content to be inappropriate without using any explicit words. Many of the themes and content of popular music have always made them off-limits for certain businesses like an orthodontist with lots of young patients, a retail shop that has family customers of all ages, or a restaurant that just wants a cleaner image. Those kinds of songs, while not officially explicit, can be filtered in even more detail by a professional music curator to make sure that the channel meets the business’ particular needs for clean music.

At Custom Channels, our music curators have all of the tools and experience needed to collect and create clean versions of songs tagged as EXPLICIT, and to screen songs even further for more nuanced profanity and inappropriate themes. In short, businesses no longer have to choose between the kinds of music they want to play and the level of “cleanliness” they want their customers to hear.

No matter what music and lyrics are best for your business’ brand, customers, and environment, you can trust Custom Channels to make sure that you get clean music for your business, without sacrificing quality or variety.