Custom Channels music plays in all types of businesses. We’re heard in the top-of-mind locations like restaurants, medical/dental offices, retail stores, hotels, barbershops, coffee shops, and spas. And you’ll find us in some surprising locations not normally thought of for music, like a do-it-yourself dog wash facility and gourmet pet deli and bakery!

Wag N’ Wash® Natural Food & Bakery has franchise locations around the country and, like many businesses, has specific music needs to set the right tone and mood for employees and customers (customers that are both people and their animal companions). We wanted to share this unique type of business and how Wag N’Wash uses Custom Channels music service in all of their locations.

Q&A with Christopher Stahl, Operations Support at Wag N’Wash

CC: Tell us about your business.

CS: At Wag N’ Wash® Natural Food and Bakery, you will have everything you need to give your companion a bathing experience fit for a canine king or queen. Put on a groomer’s apron and step up to one of our custom designed stainless steel wash stations. The basin is waist high so you don’t have to stoop or kneel. The handheld sprayers are easily operated with just a squeeze of a trigger and are temperature controlled to keep the water constantly comfortable for your pet. Whether your dog has short, medium, or long hair, we’ve got the brushes and combs you will need to keep their coat looking its finest. We provide you with our own Wag N’ Wash® brand of shampoos which are all gentle, tear-less and are pH balanced specifically for pets.

In addition to our self serve wash area we also have a unique pet bakery. Our biscuits are made with only top quality ingredients. Unlike many commercially produced dog treats, Remo’s Gourmet Treats™ do not contain artificial flavorings and colors and we do not add any chemicals or preservatives. In fact, you won’t find anything in our biscuits that we wouldn’t eat ourselves!

CC: Why is music important to Wag N’ Wash?

CS: Every dog needs a spa day once in a while. Wag N’ Wash offers unique and hassle free options for pampering your dog. While we provide our customers with easy to use wash stations, the reality is that it takes time to get your four-footed friend clean. While you brush and scrub, having some awesome music in the background helps the time pass and adds to the fun atmosphere we try to provide.

CC: Do you play your music mostly for your customers, your employees, the pets, or all?

CS: Always for our guests and their companion animals! Music sets the tone for the experience. Bright and upbeat to make your guests feel welcome and soft enough to not startle a companion animal.

CC: Any feedback about music from employees or customers?

CS: Our staff has had some input on what plays throughout the day. We acknowledge that they are in the building for an eight-hour shift, while our guests may only be in the self-wash area for an hour or so. Getting the feedback of our teams and then providing them with a little of what they like to hear, helps motivate them and keep the day upbeat!

CC: What other music options have you tried?

CS: In the past, we have tried iPods with a sampling of music that ultimately became too repetitive. We had also tried other streaming services, but the quality of the feed and the choices of stations was poor, and there was no way to customize the listening experience like with Custom Channels.

CC: Wag N’ Wash runs messages between songs. Tell us about that?

CS: Our self wash customers are in the facility for an hour or more, brushing combing and styling their furry friends. Messaging is a great opportunity to talk about our business to a captive audience. We have already started to see an increase in customers signing up for our loyalty programs and more interest in the clinics and adoption fairs we offer.

CC: What’s it been like working with Custom Channels?

CS: Our contact inside Custom Channels has been great to work with and has been quick to respond to all our questions. Custom Channels has helped us set up our franchisees across the country with custom audio and our franchisees love not having to worry about providing music on their own.

CC: What’s the sound, the vibe, of music playing at Wag N’Wash?

CS: Bright, 70-90’s Rock and Roll. Anything upbeat and energetic.

Wag N’Wash uses our ReMix service with Messaging. They can create their own playlists, add and remove songs, and upload their own in-store messages. It’s perfect for any business with a single or multiple locations.

Here’s a few of Custom Channels favorite songs with “DOG” in the title:

  • “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley (and by many others)
  • “Who Let The Dogs Out” by The Baha Men
  • “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin
  • “Me and You and A Dog Named Boo” by Lobo
  • “Hey Bulldog” by The Beatles
  • “Wag The Dog” by Mark Knopfler
  • “Dixie the Tiny Dog” by Peter Himmelman
  • “Walking The Dog” by Rufus Thomas
  • “The Underdog” by Spoon
  • “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton
  • “Anything” by Snoop Dogg!