At Custom Channels, we aim to provide music that engages customers and employees alike. We not only strive to be the best music choice for your business, but also the best partner choice. Our staff of music and brand professionals understands the impact that music can have on a business beyond just creating an atmosphere for customers to enjoy. Check out a short snippet from our whitepaper on how music can influence employee retention:

According to an Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, roughly 30% of companies said that it can take over a year for a new employee to reach the productivity level of a departing one. High turnover means operating your business with an unreasonably high number of inexperienced employees, leading to lower productivity. It’s also a warning sign of low morale among a workforce—which is a key indicator of overall productivity.


The music in your location provides a persistent soundtrack to your employees’ day, and one that they will come to love or loathe, over time. A well-crafted playlist can help a team stay motivated and upbeat, while a bland or repetitive mix can dampen their spirits.


While there are obviously several factors that contribute to costly employee attrition, some are more easily remedied than others. A focus on creating a welcoming, comforting environment should be among the first items on the list. And the proper use of music is a crucial component of those efforts.

For more details and actionable data on how music can help with employee retention, download the full whitepaper today!


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