The music played in your business can be an effective extension of your brand—reinforcing the image of your business and engaging your customers. Custom Channels makes it possible to leverage the power of music even more by including messaging on your channel. As a ReMix user, you’ve already taken the time to craft a unique identity through the playlists that you create and play for your customers. Now, ReMix with Messaging gives you yet another promotional tool to reinforce your brand identity and use your custom music mix to connect more directly with your customers.

Custom Channels’ messaging platform gives you a new way to communicate with your staff and customers. Record a message to encourage your staff with inspiring messages, or use the messages as greetings to welcome your customers and make them feel at home. The simple uploading and scheduling interface makes it fast and easy to add a new message whenever it’s needed, with no limits to how many you can add! Check out a few samples below.

Branded Messaging

Build your brand and boost productivity!

In-Store Promotions

Promotions drive sales and engage customers!

Once you’ve recorded and uploaded your messages, you can let them run right away or customize when they start, when they end, and what days of the week they should play. Say you’re planning on a special next month that runs every Friday. There’s no need to wait until then to set up the promotion—simply record your message and upload it. Then, choose a start time at the beginning of next month and stop time at the end of the month. Finally, make the message active on Fridays only and that’s it! The simple but powerful scheduling tools built into ReMix with Messaging make messages easy to set up and ensure that you don’t have to worry about a message playing when you don’t want to hear it. Alternatively, you can allow your messages to play with no scheduling restrictions to hear them more often.

Add messaging to your ReMix service today and see the power of a promotional voice with your music service. Have questions or need us to produce messages for you? Contact us today!