Our Custom Channels music service is now available on Sonos. For several years we’ve gotten requests from business owners who used a Sonos sound system and were interested in our fully licensed music service. The problem was that the Custom Channels system and the Sonos app didn’t work together. So, our developers spent a year creating an interface that easily allows all of the Custom Channels music services to play on the Sonos app.


Set of Sonos One and Sonos Play speakers

We Solved Important Issues for Business Owners

First, there aren’t many streaming music services that are licensed for business use to play on the Sonos platform. Most services on the Sonos app are licensed for consumer use, which is a very large customer base for Sonos. Rather than stream consumer services that are not licensed for business use, business owners that use Sonos now have an excellent music option. Our option is compliant with BMI and ASACAP licensing rules, streams songs curated for the business setting, and is formatted for the work environment.

Second, in talking with people inquiring about using Custom Channels we discovered that they didn’t want to buy another Internet music player. They already had Sonos speakers connected to the Internet to stream music. Non-Sonos users of Custom Channels stream on an Internet music player that easily connects to their existing in-house sound system. Now, if a business has Sonos speakers, they can be streaming within minutes of signing up for Custom Channels music service. And, without the need to purchase any additional equipment.

Who uses Sonos in their business?

We talk to many medical offices, dentists and orthodontists who prefer Sonos over wired sound systems. Some restaurants that occupy a smaller space enjoy Sonos. And we even provide service via Sonos to a group of retail marijuana dispensaries in Colorado (where marijuana is a legal, big business). The number and types of businesses using Sonos speakers seems to be growing.

If Sonos is the right audio solution for your business, now you have a continuously updated music service that’s fully licensed for business use to play for your customers on your Sonos system.