Choosing the music in your business never looked so good! We’ve given the Style selection page a fresh look that makes it easier to read, sort, and quickly see what choices you’ve made. ReMix customers can create playlists that mix-and-match our professionally curated styles in order to get the perfect balance. Now, the Style selection page has a redesigned interface with visual cues to indicate which choices you’ve made—your selections are highlighted in red in the list of options. We’ve also made it simpler to listen to a sample of each style. Not sure if Indie Rock is right for your business? Listen to it by pressing the play button on the style. Another improvement is the display at the top of the page showing the choices you’ve made. If you decide not to use one of the styles you selected, you can easily remove it by hitting the “X” button on the style you’ve decided not to use. Building playlists just got a whole lot easier!



As you explore the new look on the Style selection page, you’ll notice a few of our newest offerings. Check them out below and give them a listen!

All 2000s

The soundtrack of the 2000s. Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B that all fit on an iPod.

Yacht Rock

Sail away with 70s and 80s songs that have matured from rock to relaxing over the years. A mellow lite rock groove.


Songs about sunshine, beaches, vacation and hot weather. Mix with other styles to add summer to your playlist.