Using a personal music service like Spotify in your business is increasingly common these days. But what most people don’t realize—and often end up finding out the hard way—is that using Spotify in a commercial environment is illegal. Not only does it violate Spotify’s terms of use, but it is also a violation of copyright law to play unlicensed music in a business. When you’re ready to get legal with a licensed music service, you might worry that you won’t be able to use your custom Spotify playlists anymore. Some music-for-business providers offer a way to import or copy your Spotify playlists so you don’t have to start over. But don’t be too quick to trust claims that you can link your Spotify account to a business service; you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Due to licensing restrictions and the nature of music for business services, no provider is going to have the same library and offerings as are available on Spotify. If you look closely at the fine print on a lot of these sites, you’ll see that they never guarantee a 100% match on the songs you have on your imported playlists. One such service touts, “generally, we will have 100% of Top 100 music”, but then admits that “more obscure music will sync ~50% of the songs over.” You might be fine if all of the songs you want to play are chart-toppers, but if you’re the kind of business looking to import your own playlists for a personalized sound, it’s simply not going to get the job done. 

Read a bit further into these services that offer importing Spotify playlists for business music, and you’ll see that a 50% match is the best you can actually rely on. That might not seem so bad, but think about the size of the playlists you’ve put together for your business environment. If the playlist you listen to on Fridays is 8 hours long, then your “matched” playlist will only give you 4 hours of music on repeat all day. Even worse, some services take it a step further to comply with licensing rules: after they cut out half of the music you picked, they will add in hundreds of songs that you didn’t ask for, all to keep the playlist compliant. At that point, is it really your playlist anymore?

At Custom Channels, we’re music consumers, too, and we understand the convenience that Spotify offers. However, we’re also committed to ensuring that business owners are educated in regards to how their music decisions can put them at legal risk. We believe that the allure of importing Spotify playlists into a music for business service is simply a marketing ploy that, frankly, no one can really deliver. Our company is built from the ground up to deliver the best music for business; we’re proud of our product, so we’re gladly transparent about our offerings and our services.

If you find yourself looking for a licensed music for business service but have trouble letting go of those Spotify playlists you’ve created, we’re here to help! Whether you want to make your own playlists with our customizable ReMix service or enlist a personal music programmer with our full-service Ethos solution, our team of music experts can help you build playlists that are the perfect fit for your business. And you can always rest easy that all of the songs and styles you select are fully licensed and appropriate for business.

At Custom Channels, we have the experience to know that false promises of convenience—like importing Spotify playlists for business music—pale in comparison to the rock-solid platform and reliable customer service that a great team like ours can provide businesses of all types and sizes.