Beyond Background Music. We’ve stood by this motto for years here at Custom Channels. For many of our retail and restaurant clients, going Beyond Background Music includes delivering quality promotional content alongside a great song selection.

One place you’ve likely heard promotional messages is in a grocery store. “Attention shoppers: There are great deals in the bakery right now.” While a relatively simple announcement like that can be useful, we at Custom Channels understand how to use professional messaging in sophisticated and creative ways to best assist your business. We believe that in-store messages—promos, ads, or announcements—are there to connect with customers and mesh with the business’ aesthetic and tone. Just like the music, messages can be curated and programmed in concert with the brand image to enhance, rather than interrupt, the atmosphere of the business.

Businesses spend time and money on in-store signage and visual elements, and for good reason. But it’s easy to overlook how powerful an overhead music service can be in augmenting those visual promotional efforts with audio connections to the customer. In addition to reading about the sale items, customers can hear about the sale items, engaging another of their senses and reinforcing the messages your business wants to convey.

Businesses can also use quick branding IDs to let customers know that they are listening to a one-of-a-kind music channel created exclusively for Brand A because the quick ID just said “you’re listening to Brand A music.” Custom Channels’ sophisticated promo integration gives our clients even more power to provide their customers with important information and valuable branded content. We work with our clients to define the best promos for their needs, advising them on what copy points to use, length of announcements, tone and feel, and even who voices the announcements. While some clients enlist creative agencies to produce their promos for playback through our service, our in-house production staff can also record and produce professional-quality ads as an integrated part of our clients’ service. Users of our ReMix service are even able to upload their own messages and schedule the promos based on time and day of the week.

With Custom Channels, you can be confident not only that you’re receiving the best music for business, but also that you have all of the tools available to connect your customers with quality promotional content.