What we leave OUT is just as important as what we leave IN

You’ll see this on the home page of Custom Channels.  What does it mean when it comes to music for business?

It might be easier to use cooking as an analogy to explain. When someone is following a recipe to bake a cake, what’s left out is just as important as what’s put in.



Nowhere does it say to include salsa, or lettuce, or beer, or oranges, or turkey.

All of these items are very popular, great tasting, and used in other recipes, so why not include them in this recipe?

Because the cake would taste awful.


What’s Popular Isn’t Always the Best For You

Just because something is a popular item and eaten often (like lettuce) doesn’t mean that it fits in this recipe (for cake). 

And just because milk and flour are both good and widely used, doesn’t mean we should include a gallon of milk or a pound of sugar in this cake. Using the right amount of ingredients is also very important to making the best tasting cake. 

Create a Recipe for Your Music Mix

You can see where this is going when it comes to music. The best playlist for your business is like a musical recipe. It has the right ingredients added in the correct amounts; mixed thoroughly and made fresh.

Just because Drake is hugely popular doesn’t mean he belongs on the playlist for your specific business. Just because Led Zeppelin is a legend of classic rock doesn’t mean it fits with what your business sounds like.  Those are obvious examples. We know not to put sardines in our cake recipe. But what kind of chocolate is best in our cake? Use regular or organic eggs? Would a raspberry layer be good? Why not make the frosting vanilla? These are subtle differences that an experienced chef can use to deviate a bit from the standard recipe to make an even better cake.

What we leave OUT is just as important as what we leave IN

We Bake Music Just Right

Our music chefs are experts and know the ingredients well. They know which songs by the band Khruangbin fit your recipe even though you’ve never heard of them. They know that not all songs by an artist fit the recipe, because David Bowie had a lot of great songs that work for your sound while he had some weird songs that are better left out. 

In fact, in our huge pantry of songs there are many more songs we don’t include in your customized music mix than we do include because, frankly, those songs sound better at another time and place. If you want the best tasting cake, you leave the macaroni and cheddar cheese on the shelf for another meal. 

Examples of Music Recipes Used for Business

Here’s part of the music recipe that’s being played by a Custom Channels client using our premium Ethos serviceIt’s a trendy grocer. You might hear this tasty soundtrack when you’re doing your grocery shopping. 

  • A hefty serving of: Beck, Talking Heads, Death Cab For Cutie, Wilco
  • A little dash of: Tristan Prettyman, Daft Punk, Tame Impala, Miles Davis
  • Avoid using:  Dua Lipa, Twenty One Pilots, B.B. King, Alicia Keys

Other examples of how music is mixed in a similar way to food recipes would be with our customizable ReMix serviceClients choose the ingredients (music genres and styles) then choose the proportions. It’s a make-it-yourself music mix because every store, every location, every customer base taste can be a bit different.

ReMix playlist now playing in one dentist office:

ReMix playlist now playing in a pet store (18 locations!):

ReMix playlist now playing in a home & farm store (60 locations!):