Custom Channels provides music for hundreds of dental and orthodontic offices. We avoid playing the typical “dentist office music.” You know — the boring, slow, sedate, relaxing vocals and tepid instrumentals. Today’s dentist office music is not the morgue-like soundtrack of years ago. It can be contemporary, upbeat, fun, pop, classic, rock and foreground. Sometimes it’s eclectic, adventurous, alternative, off-beat, and cool. Different sounds for different office attitudes. Many of our dental clients even customize the music mix themselves with our ReMix music service.

Music is very important to the office atmosphere where doctors, assistants, hygienists lab technicians and staff are working long hours.

With all the different channels and music mixes we create for dentists and orthodontists (and periodontists, oral surgeons), we found some songs NOT to play. Part of curating music is knowing the right songs to play along with knowing and avoiding the wrong songs. Here’s a few of the songs we do not want to hear while we’re in the waiting room or in the chair of our dentist.

Worst Songs to Play at a Dentist Office

  • “Anticipation” – Carly Simon
  • “Misery” – Maroon 5
  • “Bad Day” – Daniel Powter
  • “Unsteady” – X Ambassadors
  • “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” – Clash
  • “Cuts Like a Knife” – Bryan Adams
  • “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” – The Antlers
  • “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” – Culture Club
  • “King Of Pain” – Police
  • “Stop Your Sobbing” – Pretenders
  • “I Can’t Stand It” – Eric Clapton
  • “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” – U2
  • “Crooked Teeth” – Death Cab For Cutie
  • “Haven’t Got Time For The Pain” – Carly Simon
  • “Rock & Roll Pain Train” – Kid Rock
  • “Kick In The Teeth” – Supergrass
  • “Geek Stink Breath” – Green Day
  • “It Hurt So Bad” – Susan Tedeschi
  • “Hurts So Good” – John Mellencamp
  • “Love This Pain” – Lady Antebellum
  • “I’m Not Afraid To Die” – Gillian Welch

And then there’s “Some Beach” by Blake Shelton with the lyrics:

“I sat in that waiting room
It seemed like all afternoon
The nurse finally said doc’s ready for you
you’re not gonna feel a thing we’ll give you some novocain
That tooth will be fine in a minute or two
But he stuck that needle down deep in my gum
And he started drilling before I was numb”

If your dental or ortho office needs a better music mix, check with us at Custom Channels. We know what songs NOT to play!